Ever since Pascal’s Wager was announced and made available for pre-order we were in awe of this graphically gorgeous iOS game. It is a great step forward not only in terms of visually impressive mobile games but also complex gameplay mechanics that challenge the player. Hence, you’ll need cheats and tips to do well and void frustrations in the game. In this Pascal’s Wager tips guide, we’ll help you better understand how to better perform in the Soulsborne like iOS game.

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 01:41 am

Pascal’s Wager Cheats and Tips

In this section of the guide, we will talk about beginners and advanced tips for Pascal’s Wager. The section includes combat and other gameplay tips.

Beginner’s Tips

Learn How Soulsborne Games Work

If you are someone who isn’t familiar with the term “Soulsborne” do read more about it and understand what it entails. Youtube tutorials will help you out, focus on Dark Souls gameplays to get an idea of how they play. The Pascal’s Wager plays just like a SoulsBorne game. The main character has light and heavy attacks, dodge, and a block button.

There are many similar elements to remind you of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. However, a key difference between those games and Pascal’s Wager is how your sanity works. In this game, your sanity can switch mid-battle and unfortunately, this will limit your max HP, or let the enemy transform to something even more sinister.

The good news is that there are items in the game that allow you to get your maximum health back but on the other hand, you need to defeat the transformed enemy to regain your sanity.

Time Your Attacks

As mentioned above, there two main types of attacks in Pascal’s Wager. Here’s an important tip for Pascal’s Wager players, learn how-to time your heavy and light attacks. Each attack has different properties such as speed and damage.

Like attack land faster but do little damage while heavy attacks are slow but do more damage to the enemies in Pascal’s Wager combat situations. It is highly important that you time your attacks just right and to do that you must learn to understand enemy attack patterns, something Soulsborne players are already familiar with.

Manage Your Inventory

Once you spend enough time in Pascal’s Wager, it will become clear that you need to learn how to manage your limited resources. An important tip is to start doing this early. One of the key items you need to stock up on is health boosters that are used to boost Altars.

There are also items that help you with your sanity that are crafted at the Altars, and they never get instantly replenished. Use finger bones to craft sanity items but keep in mind that fingers are also used for leveling up so use wisely.

Understand When to Dodge, When to Defend

This one is an important thing to understand. You can simply defend against smaller enemies but it is a bad idea to simply stand and take the attack head-on. When facing bigger enemies, especially bosses, dodge and move out of the way.

Advanced Tips

The most important part of the game is its combat system. We have already talked about light and heavy attacks but another key point is the focus. Make sure you aren’t distracted and focus on the attack patterns of your enemies.

It will take a few minutes to understand that, dodge, move out of the way and learn what the enemy is trying to do. Adjust your light and heavy attacks accordingly to time them right.

Use Altars to Level Up

Altars are exactly what Bonefire are in Darksouls games. Altars are used to refill health potions, craft health items, and sanity potions among other skills and abilities. However, the key feature for these Altars is leveling up. You can use Altars to level up in exchange for finger bones.

Hold the down button to give finger bones to Altars and each level up grants you 1 attribute point that you can invest in any stat you like.

Map Exploration is Important

Another important tip for Pascal’s Wager players is to explore the map and understand their surroundings. It is important for moving forward and progressing in the game. Sometimes progression is simply opening a door for a shortcut. Moreover, exploration means coming around many secret enemies and that can help you farm crucial resources.

That is all for our Pascal’s Wager tips guide. If you are interested in mobile games then you can check out our guide on GI Joe: War On Cobra.

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