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Palworld Pal Sphere Crafting Recipes For Mega To Legendary

Spheres in Palworld are like Poke Balls in Pokemon. These spheres allow you to catch Pals in Palworld. All types of spheres can be found in the open world but crafting the most rare ones is better than searching to due to extreme rarity. Moreover, some high level Pals can only be caught using higher-level spheres such as Hyper, Ultra, or Legendary.

Note: Higher-level spheres have a faster catch rate than others.

How to Craft Basic Pal Spheres

basic sphere crafting recipe in Palworld.

Starting off in Palworld, the first thing you’ll encounter is the basic blue Pal Sphere, or its white variant if picked up from the ground. These spheres are your initial tools for capturing Pals. As soon as you hit level two, you’ll get the opportunity to craft these spheres yourself.

To begin crafting, you need to spend your first earned Technology Points to unlock the Basic pal crafting recipe. Then you need the following crafting materials to craft the Basic Pal Sphere in Palworld:

  • 5x Paldium Fragments: These can be found scattered across the Palworld, often hidden in rocky areas.
  • 5x Wood: Gathered from trees, wood is a basic but essential crafting component.
  • 5x Stone: Like Paldium Fragments, stones are commonly found throughout the game world.

Head over to a Primitive Crafting Table with your materials. The table is where you’ll combine these items to create your first set of Pal Spheres.

How To Craft Mega Pal Spheres

mega sphere crafting recipe in Palworld.

The Mega Sphere are often found in random chests in the early game, significantly increase your chances of capturing Pals. However, crafting them requires a bit more effort and resources. By level 14, you’ll unlock the crafting recipe for Mega Pal spheres. You’ll then need the following crafting materials:

  • 5x Paldium Fragments: Continue collecting these as you explore.
  • 1x Ingot: A refined material, requiring a bit more effort to obtain.
  • 7x Wood and 7x Stone: Slightly more than what’s needed for basic spheres, but still readily available.

The Sphere Factory I is your go-to place for crafting Mega Spheres. This facility offers the necessary equipment and environment to handle more complex crafting tasks.

How To Craft Giga Pal Spheres

giga sphere crafting recipe in Palworld.

Reaching level 20 in Palworld opens up new crafting possibilities, including the Giga Sphere crafting recipe. This tier is a step up from the Mega Sphere, requiring refined ingredients and a bit more strategy in your crafting approach. Here are the crafting materials needs for Giga Sphere in Palworld:

  • 3x Paldium Fragments
  • 3x Ingot: A hint at more complex crafting processes ahead.
  • 10x Wood and 10x Stone: The increased quantity reflects the sphere’s enhanced capabilities.

Just like the Mega Spheres, Giga Spheres are crafted at Sphere Factory I. The process involves a combination of precision and knowledge of material properties, making it a rewarding experience for players who’ve mastered the basics.

How To Craft Hyper Pal Spheres

hyper sphere crafting recipe in Palworld.

Upon reaching level 27, you can unlock the Hyper Pal Sphere recipe. These spheres require a setup that can handle the crafting of uncommon materials.

  • 5x Paldium Fragments
  • 5x Ingots: A step up in the refinement process.
  • 12x Wood and 2x Cement: Introducing cement, a new material in the crafting mix.

Hyper Spheres are crafted at Sphere Factory II, a more advanced facility reflecting your progression in the game.

How To Craft Ultra Pal Spheres

ultra sphere crafting recipe in Palworld.

The Ultra Sphere is unlocked at level 35. Crafting this sphere requires more exotic materials. The Ultra Sphere is not just a tool; it’s a powerful asset that can drastically change your gameplay. You need the following crafting materials to craft Ultra Pal Sphere:

  • 7x Paldium Fragments: These remain a staple in sphere crafting.
  • 8x Refined Ingots: The refinement process becomes even more crucial here.
  • 3x Carbon Fiber: Introducing a new, high-tech material.
  • 3x Cement: Cement continues to be an essential component.

The Sphere Factory III is where you’ll craft these Ultra spheres.

How To Craft Legendary Pal Spheres

legendary sphere crafting recipe in Palworld.

Reaching level 44 in Palworld is a feat in itself, and with it comes the ability to craft Legendary Pal Spheres. Crafting a Legendary Sphere is the epitome of catching Pals as they offer the best catch rate out of any of the spheres. Here are the crafting materials needed to craft Legendary Spheres in Palworld:

  • 10x Paldium Fragments
  • 10x Pal Metal Ingot: A premium material signifying the sphere’s high status.
  • 5x Carbon Fiber: Further emphasizing the sphere’s advanced technology.

The Sphere Factory III is also the site for crafting Legendary Spheres. This facility, now familiar to you, becomes a symbol of your achievements and capabilities in Palworld.

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