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Palworld: How to Use the Pal Essence Condenser?

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Pal Essence Condenser is a very useful tool in Palworld. It essentially increases various aspects of your Pals such as HP, ATK, and Defense. However, it also requires you to sacrifice some of Pals to achieve the effect, adding a lot to its strategic usage. This guide covers all there is to learn about the Pal Essence Condenser in Palworld:

Palworld Pal Essence Condenser

For the uninitiated, the Pal Essence Condenser is a device used for enhancing your Pals, increasing their HP, Attack, and Defense. Aside from this, it also upgrades their Partner Skills.

To begin, you will need to level up your character to Level 14. You will also need to earn two Ancient Technology Points by defeating Alpha Pals. After you are done, you will need to gather these resources to build the Pal Essence Condenser:

  • 20x Paldium Fragments + 20x Ingots + 5x Ancient Civilization Parts

Once you have it all, build the Pal Essence Condenser close to a Palbox, as it is very important.

Using the Pal Essence Condenser

In order to use the Pal Essence Condenser, select a Pal with useful Passive Skills, as these skills do not change with the upgrade. Access the PEC menu and select the Pal you want to upgrade. A bar will appear, indicating the number of Pals required. You simply need to sacrifice the required number of Pals to fill this bar:

  • The first upgrade requires four Pals.
  • The second upgrade requires 16 Pals.
  • The number increases to 64 Pals for the maximum upgrade.

Once done, confirm your choices, and the upgrade occurs instantly. Once the process is done, you will learn that the Upgraded Pal retains its Level, Skills, etc. It gains increased HP, Attack, and Defense. As for the Upgrade Level, it is marked by stars. Lastly, it also enhances the Partner Skill.

Again, it is important that the Pal Essence Condenser must be built next to a Palbox as it is needed for the functionality. And while it is a powerful tool, it requires sacrificing Pals which is something that you should keep in mind.

This is everything we have on how to use the Pal Essence Condenser in Palworld. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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