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Palworld: Where to Catch All Legendary Pals (Locations)


In Palworld, Legendary Pals are the epitome of rarity and power. These unique creatures not only challenge players with their formidable abilities but also offer exceptional benefits once caught. This comprehensive guide will detail the locations, strategies, and necessary preparations for capturing each Legendary Pal in Palworld.

Palworld Legendary Pals

There are four Legendary Pals in Palworld: Jetragon, Frostallion, Necromus, and Paladius. Each Legendary Pal boasts unique abilities and attributes, making them valuable assets in your Palworld journey.

Before you begin, Ensure you’re at a high enough level with appropriate gear and Pals. Legendary Pal Spheres are ideal for capturing Legendary Pals, though Ultra Pal Spheres may also work. Use type advantages and environmental factors to your benefit. Focus on isolating Pals in multi-Pal battles for a more manageable challenge.

Below, we have shared the locations of all Legendary Pals in Palworld:


Near the north-west coast of Mount Obsidian, specifically at coordinates -792, -319. It is a Dragon-type Pal, offering impressive flying abilities and combat prowess. Bring heat-resistant armor and high-level Ice-type Pals to counter its abilities. Be aware of its high speed and power. Utilize Ice-type attacks for effectiveness.


East of the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point, at coordinates -357, 508 or -351, 516. It is an Ice-type Pal, known for its fast flying abilities and powerful ice attacks. Arm yourself with cold-resistant armor and Fire-type Pals. Its ice breath can pass through obstacles, so rely on Fire-type Pals and strategic positioning.


Northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point, at coordinates 446, 681 or 451, 680. It is a Dark-type Pal, capable of double-jumping and offering strong Dark-type abilities. Equip heat-resistant armor and bring Dragon-type Pals for combat. Necromus is less powerful than other Legendaries but can be challenging due to its mobility.


Found alongside Necromus in the same desert region. It is a Neutral-type Pal with the ability to triple jump while mounted. Similar to Necromus, pack heat-resistant armor and high-level Pals. Focus on isolating Paladius from Necromus for an easier capture. Utilize its weakness against Dark-type attacks.

These are all the Legendary Pals that you can capture in Palworld. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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