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Palworld: How to Unlock Every Technology (Complete List)


There is a lot of Technology in Palword — some of it more important than the others. Each piece of Technology requires a specific Level, Technology Points, and required materials. This guide contains a complete list of every Technology in Palworld:

Palworld Technology

You need Technology Points in Palworld to build new items. Aside from these, you will also need Ancient Technology Points to access more advanced creations. Before we discuss the Technology, here is how you can use TP/ATP to access Technology in Palworld:

Technology Points

There are a few ways to earn Technology Points in Palworld. These include:

  • Leveling.
  • Discovering new areas — unlocking Fast Travel zones.
  • Capturing different Wild Pals. And assigning them duties at the base.
  • Consuming the High Grade Technical Manuals from dungeons.

Once acquired, access the Technology tab in the Main Menu to spend your Technology Points. Simply select the Technology you wish to unlock, provided you meet all the pre-requisites i.e., Level, Technology Points, etc.

Ancient Technology Points

As for the Ancient Technology Points, these are gained by defeating bosses. Once farmed, you can use these on the Ancient Technology Blueprints (Purple ones) in the Technology tab. I should also mention that some Advanced Technologies might require other ones to be unlocked first.

Complete List of Technology

Level 1

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Primitive WorkbenchNone2x Wood
Stone AxeNoneStone x5 + Wood x5
Stone PickaxeNoneStone x5 + Wood x5
Hand-held TorchNoneWood x2 + Stone x2
Wooden ClubNoneWood x5

Level 2

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Palbox1Paldium Fragment x1
Pal Sphere1Paldium Fragment x1 + Wood x3 + Stone x3
Campfire1Wood x10
Wooden Chest1Wood x15 + Stone x5
Repair Bench1Wood x10 + Stone x10
Wooden Structure Set2Wood x2

Level 3

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Old Bow1Wood x30 + Stone x5 + Fiber x15
Arrow1Wood x1 + Stone x1
Shoddy Bed1Wood x20 + Fiber x5 + Wool x1
Straw Pal Bed2Wood x10 + Fiber x5
Repair Kit1Fiber x5 + Stone x5
Cloth1Wool x2

Level 4

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Common Shield2Paldium Fragment x10 + Wood x20 + Stone x20 + Fiber x10
Stone Spear2Wood x18 + Stone x6
Cloth Outfit2Cloth x2
Feed Box2Wood x20
Alarm Bell1Paldium Fragment x5 + Stone x20
Hanging Trap1Wood x10 + Stone x5

Level 5

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Berry Plantation2Berry Seeds x3 + Wood x20 + Stone x20
Ranch2Wood x50 + Stone x20 + Fiber x30
Normal Parachute2Wood x10 + Cloth x2
Fire Bow2Wood x40 + Stone x8 + Fiber x20 + Flame Organ x2
Fire Arrow1Wood x3 + Stone x3 + Flame Organ x1
Wooden Living Romo Furniture Set1Wood x20 + Red Berries x5

Level 6

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Pal Gear Workbench2Paldium Fragment x10 + Wood x30 + Cloth x2
Statue of Power2Stone x20 + Paldium Fragment x10
Mounted Torch2Wood x5 + Stone x2
Rushoar Saddle1Leather x3 + Stone x10 + Paldium Fragment x5
Foxparks’s Harness2Leather x3 + Flame Organ x5
Wooden Tavern Furniture Set1Wood x30 + Stone x5

Level 7

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Logging Site2Wood x50 + Stone x20 + Paldium Fragment x10
Stone Pit2Stone x50 + Wood x20 + Paldium Fragment x10
Sign1Wood x10
Bat1Wood x30 + Stone 10
Melpaca Saddle1Leather x3 + Wool x5 + Paldium Fragment x5
Celary’s Gloves1Cloth x5 + Pal Fluids x3 + Palium Fragment x5

Level 8

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Crusher2Wood x50 + Stone x20 + Paldium Fragment x10
Poison Bow2Wood x40 + Stone x8 + Fiber x20 + Venom Gland x2
Poison Arrow1Wood x3 + Stone x3 + Venom Gland x1
Jolthog’s GlovesN/A5x Cloth + 5x Electric Organ + 5x Paldium Fragment
Deadream’s NecklaceN/A 5x Leather + 10x Fiber + 10x Paldium Fragment
Wooden Tavern Cabinet Furniture Set1Wood x30 + Stone x5

Level 9

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Tropical Outfit3Cloth x3 + Flame Organ x2
Tundra Outfit3Cloth x3 + Ice Organ x2
Hot Spring2Wood x30 + Stone x15 + Paldium Fragment x10 + Pal Fluids x10
Sandbag2Wood x10 + Stone x10
Direhowl’s Saddled HarnessN/A 10x Leather + 20x Wood + 15x Fiber + 10x Paldium Fragment
Killamari’s GlovesN/A5x Cloth + 5x Venom Gland + 10x Paldium Fragment

Level 10

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Three Shot Bow2Wood x50 + Stone x12 + Fiber x30
Primitive Furnace3Wood x20 + Stone x50 + Flame Organ x3
Feathered Hair Band2Fiber x10 + Paldium Fragment x5
Small Bear Trap1Ingot x5
Nail1Ingot x1
To be Added  

Level 11

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Metal Axe2Stone x15 + Wood x20 + Ingot x5
Metal Pickaxe2Stone x15 + Wood x20 + Ingot x5
High Quality Workbench3Ingot x15 + Wood x50 + Nail x10
Wooden Gate2Wood x10
Lifmunk’s Submachine Gun N/A5x Ingot + 10x Stone + 20x Wood + 10x Paldium Fragment
Jolthog Cryst’s Gloves N/A6x Cloth + 6x Ice Organ + 6x Paldium Fragment

Level 12

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Pelt Armor2Leather x10
Meat Cleaver2Ingot x5 + Wood x20 + Stone x5
Medieval Medicine Workbench2Wood x30 + Nail x5 + Paldium Fragment x10
Tanzee’s Assault RifleN/A5x Ingot + 15x Stone + 15x Wood + 10x Paldium Fragment
Eikthyrdeer SaddleN/A 5x Leather + 20x Fiber + 10x Ingot + 3x Horn + 15x Paldium Fragment
Houseplant Set1Wood x10 + Fiber x5

Level 13

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Crossbow2Wood x50 + Stone x40 + Ingot x10 + Nail x5
Metal Spear2Wood x27 + Stone x12 + Ingot x10
Training Dummy2Wood x20 + Fiber x5 + Paldium Fragment x5
Cooler Box2Ingot x20 + Stone x20 + Ice Organ x5
Chillet SaddleN/A10x Leather + 20x Fiber + 5x Cloth + 20x Paldium Fragment 
To be Added  

Level 14

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Mega Sphere2Paldium Fragment x1 + Ingot x1 + Wood x5 + Stone x5
Sphere Workbench3Paldium Fragment x10 + Wood x30 + Nail x10
Wall Torch2Wood x5 + Stone x2
Sweepa SaddleN/A3x Leather + 8x Cloth + 10x Paldium Fragment
Univolt SaddleN/A10x Leather + + 5x Ingot + 10x Electric Organ + 15x Paldium Fragment
Antique Storage Set1Wood x40 + Nail x2

Level 15

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Fire Arrow Crossbow2Wood x50 + Stone x50 + Ingot x15 + Nail x5 + Flame Organ x5
Wheat Plantation2Wheat Seeds x3 + Wood x35 + Stone x35
Mill2Wood x50 + Stone x40
Monitoring Stand2Wood x30 + Stone x10
Viewing Cage2Paldium Fragment x10 + Wood x10 + Stone x20
Nitewing SaddleN/A20x Leather + 10x Cloth + 15x Ingot + 20x Fiber + 20x Paldium Fragment

Level 16

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Mega Shield2Ancient Civilization Parts x5 + Paldium Fragment x30
Heat Resistant Pelt Armor3Leather x15 + Flame Organ x4
Metal Chest2Ingot x15 + Wood x30
Wooden Defensive Wall1Wood x10
Arsox SaddleN/A 15x Leather + 25x Fiber + 10x Flame Organ + 15x Paldium Fragment
Wall-mounted Houseplant Set1Fiber x10

Level 17

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Poison Arrow Crossbow2Wood x50 + Stone x50 + Ingot x15 + Nail x5 + Venom Gland x5
Cooking Pot2Wood x20 + Ingot x15 + Flame Organ x3
Heater2Ingot x20 + Charcoal x10 + Flame Organ x5
Pengullet’s Rocket LauncherN/A 20x Ingot + + 20x Stone + 30x Wood + 20x Paldium Fragment
Flopie’s NecklaceN/A10x Leather + 20x Fiber + 5x Ingot + 15x Paldium Fragment
Fireplace Set1Wood x30 + Stone x15 + Charcoal x5

Level 18

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Mega Glider2Wood x50 + Bone x10 + Cloth x20
Cold Resistant Pelt Armor3Leather x15 + Ice Organ x4
Stone Structure Set3Stone x3
Cooler2Ingot x20 + Stone x20 + Ice Organ x5
Tocotoco’s GlovesN/A10x Cloth + 10x Leather + 15x Fiber + 10x Flame Organ + 15x Paldium Fragment
Carpet Set1Cloth x3 + Venom Gland x1

Level 19

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Breeding Farm2Wood x100 + Stone x20 + Fiber x50
Cement1Stone x50 + Bone x1 + Pal Fluids x1
Large Toolbox2Ingot x40 + Wood x100 + Nail x15
Dinossom SaddleN/A15x Leather + 30x Fiber + 10x Ingot + 20x Paldium Fragment 
Digtoise’s HeadbandN/A20x Leather + 30x Fiber + 10x Ingot + 50x Stone + 20x Paldium Fragment
Antique Chair Set1Wood x10

Level 20

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Giga Sphere3Paldium Fragment x2 + Ingot x2 + Wood x7 + Stone x7
Weapon Workbench3Ingot x15 + Wood x50 + Nail x10
Flame Cauldron2Ingot x50 + Wood x100 + Flame Organ x20
Broncherry SaddleN/A20x Leather + 30x Fiber + 15x Ingot + 20x Paldium Fragment
Hangyu’s GlovesN/A5x Cloth + 3x Leather + 10x Fiber + 3x Ingot + 10x Paldium Fragment
Antique Storage Cabinet Set1Wood x30 + Fiber x10

Level 21

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Musket3Ingot x25 + High Quality Pal Oil x5 + Wood x30
Gunpowder2Charcoal x2 + Sulfur x1
Coarse Ammo1Ingot x1 + Gunpowder x1
Vanwyrm SaddleN/A20x Leather + + 10x Flame Organ + 15x Ingot + 30x Fiber + 20x Paldium Fragment
To be Added 
Antique Desk Set1Wood x25 + Fiber x5 + Stone x5

Level 22

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Stun Baton2Ingot x20 + Electric Organ x20
Large Bear Trap2Ingot x20
Kingpaca SaddleN/A20x Leather + 20x Fiber + 15x Ingot + 30x Wool + 20x Paldium Fragment
Dazzi’s NecklaceN/A15x Leather + 15x Fiber + 10x Ingot + 20x Paldium Fragment
Antique Couch Set1Wood x10 + Cloth x2 + Flame Organ x1

Level 23

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Metal Armor2Ingot x30 + Leather x10 + Cloth x5
Metal Helm2Ingot x20 + Paldium Fragment x10
Water Fountain2Ingot x100 + Stone x200 + Pal Fluids x20
Galeclaw’s GlovesN/A20x Cloth + 20x Leather + 30x Fiber + 30x Paldium Fragment
To be Added 
Antique Bath Set1Cloth x1 + Stone x20 + Ingot x1

Level 24

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Fluffy Pal Bed2Cloth x10 + Wood x30 + Nail x5 + Fiber x10
Flower Bed2Wood x50 + Stone x100 + Cement x40 + Beautiful Flower
Aquadon Terra SaddleN/A6x Leather + 6x Ingot + 12x Paldium Fragment
To be Added 
To be Added 
Antique Mirror Set1Wood x10 + Stone x10 + Paldium Fragment x2

Level 25

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Makeshift Handgun3Ingot x35 + High Quality Pal Oil x10 + Fiber x30
Heat Resistant Metal Armor2Ingot x40 + Leather x13 + Cloth x8 + Flame Organ x8
Silo2Wood x300 + Stone x100 + Fiber x100
Mossanda Lux’s Grenade LauncherN/A60x Ingot + 24x High Quality Pal Oil + 48x Paldium Fragment
To be Added 
Piano Furniture Set1Wood x100 + Fiber x20 + Ingot x5

Level 26

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Power Generator3Ingot x50 + Electric Organ x20
Lamp1Ingot x10 + Electric Organ x3 + Nail x3 + Wood x20
Mounted Crossbow2Ingot x30 + Wood x30 + Stone x15 + Nail x5
To be Added 
To be Added 
Metal Shelf Set1Ingot x20 + Nail x1

Level 27

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Hyper Sphere3Paldium Fragment x3 + Ingot x3 + Wood x10 + Cement x2
Sphere Assembly Line3Paldium Fragment x30 + Wood x50 + Ingot x100 + Nail x20
Cold Resistant Metal Armor2Ingot x40 + Leather x13 + Cloth x8 + Ice Organ x8
Ceiling Lamp1Ingot x20 + Electric Organ x3 + Nail x3
To be Added 
Bathroom Set1Wood x5 + Stone x20 + Ingot x2

Level 28

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Giga Shield2Ancient Civilization Parts x15 + Paldium Fragment x50
Production Assembly Line3Ingot x100 + Wood x50 + Nail x20 + Cement x10
Stump and Axe2Wood x150 + Ingot x40 + Stone x30
To be Added 
To be Added 
Antique High Quality Furniture Set1Wood x10 + Cloth x3 + Ingot x1

Level 29

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Handgun3Ingot x50 + High Quality Pal Oil x15
Handgun Ammo1Ingot x1 + Gunpower x1
Defensive Wall2Stone x10 + Cement x1
Reindrix SaddleN/A25x Leather + 10x Ice Organ + 20x Ingot + 20x Horn + 25x Paldium Fragment

Dinossom Lux Saddle
N/A18x Leather + 36x Fiber + 12x Ingot + 23x Paldium Fragment

Level 30

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Mine2Ingot x5 + Flame Organ x2
Fine Bed2Cloth x10 + Wood x50 + Nail x10 + Fiber x20
Metal Structure Set4Ingot x1 + Stone x2
Pickaxe and Helmet2Wood x50 + Stone x50 + Ingot x50

Pyrin Saddle
N/A25x Leather + 30x Fiber + 20x Flame Organ + 15x Ingot + 25x Paldium Fragment
To be Added 

Level 31

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
High Quality Hot Spring3Stone x100 + Wood x100 + Paldium Fragment x30 + Cement x20
Frag Grenade2Fiber x10 + Stone x10 + Gunpowder x1
Stone Gate2Stone x10 + Cement x1
To be Added 
To be Added 
Clock Set1Ingot x5 + Paldium Fragment x3

Level 32

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Production Assembly Line II3Ingot x100 + Wood x50 + Nail x20
Shock Grenade2Fiber x10 + Stone x10 + Electric Organ x1
Tomato Plantation2Tomato Seeds x3 + Wood x70 + Stone x50 + Pal Fluids x5
Witch Cauldron2Ingot x50 + Stone x50 + Pal Fluids x15 + High Quality Pal Oil x15
To be Added 
Storage Container Set1Ingot x100

Level 33

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Polymer2High Quality Pal Oil x2
Electric Mine2Ingot x5 + Electric Organ x2
Snowman2Ice Organ x50 + Wood x50 + Cloth x20
To be Added 
To be Added 
Metal Chair and Desk Set1Ingot x3

Level 34

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Improved Furnace4Stone x100 + Cement x30 + Flame Organ 15
Refined Metal Axe2Stone x30 + Wod x40 + Refined Ingot x10
Refined Metal Pickaxe2Stone x30 + Wood x40 + Refined Ingot x10
Refined Metal Spear3Wood x36 + Stone x18 + Refined Ingot x10
To be Added 
Antique Lamp Set1Wood x30 + Electric Organ x3 + Nail x3

Level 35

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Ultra Sphere4Paldium Fragment x5 + Refined Ingot x5 + Carbon Fiber x2 + Cement x3
Sphere Assembly Line II5Refined Ingot x100 + Circuit Boarx 10 + Nail x30 + Paldium Fragment x50
Circuit Board2Pure Quartz x4 + Polymer x2
Carbon Fiber2Coal x2
To be Added 
Ironwood Table Set1Wood x10 + Ingot x2

Level 36

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Single-shot Rifle3Refined Ingot x20 + Polymer x5
Rifle Ammo2Refined Ingot x1 + Gunpowder x2
High Quality Cloth2Wool x10
Large Pal Bed2High Quality Cloth x10 + Wood x60 + Nail x20 + Fiber x30
To be Added 
Outdoor Furniture Set1Wood x20 + Ingot x10

Level 37

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Refined Metal Armor3Refined Ingot x30 + Leather x15 + High Quality Cloth x2
Refined Metal Helm3Refined Ingot x20 + Paldium Fragment x15
Ice Grenade2Fiber x10 + Stone x10 + Ice Organ x1
Ice Reptyro Saddle
N/A24x Leather + 24x Ingot + 24x Ice Organ + 24x Paldium Fragment
To be Added 
Metal Barrel Set1Ingot x10 + Flame Organ x1

Level 38

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Refrigerator2Refined Ingot x50 + Polymer x20 + Ice Organ x15 + Circuit Board x5
Lettuce Plantation3Lettuce Seeds x3 + Wood x100 + Stone x70 + Pal Fluids x10
Ice Mine2Ingot x5 + Ice Organ x2
To be Added 
To be Added 

Level 39

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Double-barreled Shotgun3Refined Ingot x30 + Polymer x7
Shotgun Shells2Refined Ingot x1 + Gunpowder x3
Refined Metal Chest3Refined Ingot x20 + Wood x50 + Nail x20
To be Added 
Leather Chair Set1Wood x10 + Leather x2 + Cloth x1

Level 40

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor4Refined Ingot x40 + Leather x20 + High Quality Cloth x3 + Flame Organ x12
Giga Glider3Refined Ingot x20 + Wood x100 + Carbon Fiber x20 + High Quality Cloth x10
Mounted Machine Gun3Ingot x30 + Nail x10 + Cement x15
Suzaku SaddleN/A20x Leather + 25x Refined Metal Ingot + 20x Flame Organ + 40x Paldium Fragment
To be Added 
Street Lamp Set1Ingot x20 + Electric x3 + Nail x3

Level 41

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Incendiary Grenade2Fiber x10 + Stone x10 + Flame Organ x1
Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor4Refined Ingot x40 + Leather x20 + High Quality Cloth x3 + Ice Organ x12
Electric Kitchen3Refined Ingot x30 + Citcuit Board x5 + Charcoal x20 + Flame Organ x5
Electric Heeater3Refined Ingot x30 + Circuit Board x10 + Ingot x30 + Flame Organ x10
Vanwyrm Cryst SaddleN/A24x Leather + 12x Ice Organ + 18x Ingot + 36x Fiber + 24x Paldium Fragment
Amusement Furniture Set1Ingot x20 + Fiber x20

Level 42

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Pump-actino Shotgun4Refined Ingot x30 + Polymer x20 + Carbon Fiber x40
Production Assembly Line II5Refined x100 + Circuit Board x10 + Nail x30
Electric Cooler3Refined Ingot x30 + Circuit Board x10 + Ingot x30 + Ice Organ x10
Iron Gate2Ingot x10 + Cement x1
Ice Kingpaca SaddleN/A24x Leather + 24x Fiber + 18x Ingot + 36x Wool + 24x Paldium Fragment
Emergency Exit Sign Set1Polymer x1 + Electric Organ x1

Level 43

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Hyper Shield3Ancient Civilization Parts x30 + Paldium Fragment x100
Electric Medicine Workbench3Refined Ingot x40 + Circuit Board x10 + Carbon Fiber x20
Metal Defensive Wall1Ingot x10 + Cement x1
To be Added 
To be Added 

Level 44

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Legendary Sphere5Paldium Fragment x10 + Pal Metal Ingot x5 + Carbon Fiber x3 + Cement x5
Electric Furnace5Refined Ingot x50 + Circuit Board x10 + Polymer x20 + Carbon Fiber x20
Sword3Refined Ingot x30 + Wood x20 + Stone x20

Relaxaurus’ Missile Launcher
N/A 100x Refined Ingot + 35x Polymer + 100x Ingot + 85x Paldium Fragment
To be Added 

Level 45

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Assault Rifle4Refined Ingot x40 + Polymer x10 + Carbon Fiber x30
Assault Rifle Ammo1Refined Ingot x1 + Gunpowder x2
Mammorest Cryst SaddleN/A60x Leather + 84x Fiber + 12x High Quality Pal Oil + 120x Wood + 72x Paldium Fragment
To be Added 
Traffic Control Set1Polymer x1

Level 46

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Pal Metal Armor4Pal Metal Ingot x20 + Leather x20 + High Quality Cloth x4
Pal Metal Helm4Pal Metal Ingot x20 + Paldium Fragment x20
Large Mounted Lamp2Ingot x50 + Circuit Board x5 + Nail x5
To be Added 
Road Sign Set1Ingot x5

Level 47

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Weapon Assembly Line II5Refined Ingot x100 + Circuit Board x10 + Nail x30
Large Ceiling Lamp2Ingot x50 + Circuit Board x5 + Nail x5
To be Added 
To be Added 

Level 48

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor5Pal Metal Ingot x30 + Leather x30 + High Quality Cloth x6 + Flame Organ x16
Electric Pylon2Ingot x100 + Electric Organ x30 + Circuit Board x20
To be Added 
To be Added 
Barricade Set1Ingot x5

Level 49

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Rocket Launcher5Pal Metal Ingot x75 + Polymer x30 + Carbon Fiber x50
Rocket Ammo2Pal Metal Ingot x1 + Gunpowder x5
To be Added 
To be Added 

Level 50

TechnologyTechnology PointsMaterials
Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor5Pal Metal Ingot x30 + Leather x30 + High Quality Cloth x6 + Ice Organ x16
Mounted Missile Launcher3Refined Ingot x100 + Circuit Board x20 + Nail x20 + Cement x50
To be Added 

This is every piece of Technology that you can build in Palworld. We will continue to add more Technologies as they get discovered. Be sure to check back for more updates.

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