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Palworld: How to Unlock All Weapons?


In Palworld, a key aspect of gameplay involves unlocking a variety of weapons, each with unique capabilities and crafting requirements. This guide will detail every weapon in Palworld, explaining how to unlock and craft them easily.

Palworld Weapons

Palworld offers a diverse range of weapons, including Melee, Ranged, and Grenades. Each type serves different purposes. Weapons are crafted using resources gathered throughout the game. Each weapon has a unique recipe, requiring specific materials. Higher-level weapons often require rarer materials and resources.

To level up the weapons, progress through the game by defeating Pals and completing missions to level up. Higher levels unlock more powerful and versatile weapons. Here is how you can unlock every weapon in Palworld:

Melee Weapons

WeaponsRequired LevelMaterials
Wooden ClubLevel 1Wood x5
Hand-held TorchLevel 1Wood x2 + Stone x2
Stone PickaxeLevel 1Wood x5 + Stone x5
Stone AxeLevel 1Wood x5 + Stone x5
Stone SpearLevel 4Wood x18 + Stone x6
BatLevel 7Wood x30 + Stone x10
Metal PickaxeLevel 11Wood x20 + Stone x15 + Ingot x5
Metal AxeLevel 11Wood x20 + Stone x15 + Ingot x5
Metal CleaverLevel 12Wood x20 + Stone x5 + Ingot x5
Metal SpearLevel 13Wood x27 + Stone x12 + Ingot x10
Stun BatonLevel 22Electric Organ x20 + Ingot x20
Refined Metal SpearLevel 34Wood x40 + Stone x30 + Refined Ingot x10
Refined Metal PickaxeLevel 34Wood x40 + Stone x30 + Refined Ingot x10
Refined Metal SpearLevel 34Wood x36 + Stone x18 + Refined Ingot x10
LilyLily’s SpearLevel 40Wood x50 + Paldium Fragment x20 + Ancient Civilization Parts x20 + High Quality Cloth x20 + Refined Ingot x30
SwordLevel 44Wood x20 + Stone x20 + Refined Ingot x30

Ranged Weapons

WeaponsRequired LevelMaterials
Old BowLevel 3Fiber x15 +  Wood x30 + Stone x5
Fire BowLevel 5Fiber x20 + Flame Organ x2 + Wood x40 + Stone x8
Poison BowLevel 8Fiber x20 + Venom Gland x2 + Wood x40 + Stone x8
Three Shot BowLevel 10Fiber x30 + Wood x50 + Stone x12
CrossbowLevel 13Wood x50 + Stone x40 + Ingot x10 + Nail x5
Fire CrossbowLevel 15Flame Organ x5 + Wood x50 + Stone x50 + Ingot x15 + Nail x5
Poison CrossbowLevel 17Venom Gland x5 + Wood x50 + Stone x50 + Ingot x15 + Nail x5
MusketLevel 21High Quality Pal Oil x5 + Wood x30 + Ingot x25
Makeshift HandgunLevel 25Fiber x30 + High Quality Pal Oil x10 + Ingot x35
HandgunLevel 29High Quality Pal Oil x15 + Ingot x50
Single-Shot RifleLevel 36Polymer x5 + Refined Ingot x20
Double-Barreled ShotgunLevel 39Polymer x7 + Refined Ingot x30
Decal GunLevel 42Ingot x30 + Paldium Fragment x15 + Ancient Civilization Parts x3 + Polymer x10
Pump-Action ShotgunLevel 42Carbon Fiber x40 + Polymer x20 + Refined Ingot x30
Assault RifleLevel 45Carbon Fiber x30 + Polymer x10 + Refined Ingot x40
Rocket LauncherLevel 49Metal Ingot x75 + Carbon Fiber x50 + Polymer x30


WeaponsRequired LevelMaterials
Shock GrenadeLevel 32Electric Organ x1 + Fiber x10 + Stone x10
Ice GrenadeLevel 37Ice Organ x1 + Fiber x10 + Stone x10
Incendiary GrenadeLevel 41Fiber x10 + Flame Organ x1 + Stone x10

This is everything we have on how to unlock all weapons in Palworld. If we missed any weapons that you would like to add, let us know in the comments down below!

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