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Palworld: How To Respec By Crafting Respec Medicine


In Palworld, character development and progression are key elements that keep players engaged and striving for greatness. But what happens when you realize the stats you’ve invested in don’t quite align with your evolving gameplay style or strategies? Fear not, for Palworld respec system offers a solution to reshape your character’s stats through the art of crafting – specifically, by creating a Respec medicine, known as the Memory Wiping Medicine that will respec your stats.

The game introduces a unique way to reset your character’s stats, allowing you to reallocate those precious points to better suit your needs through the Memory Wiping Medicine.

The first step towards gaining the ability to respec your stats is quite a trek – you need to reach Level 43. This milestone is crucial as it unlocks the ability to craft the Electric Medicine Workbench, a late-game piece of equipment that’s essential for creating the Memory Wiping Medicine. Achieving Level 43 is no small feat.

Crafting the Electric Medicine Workbench

Once you’ve hit Level 43, the next step is to navigate to the Technology tab in the menu, where you’ll learn how to craft the Electric Medicine Workbench. This workbench is your gateway to concocting the Memory Wiping Medicine, among other late-game potions and items. Crafting this workbench requires a collection of late-game materials. Here’s the complete Electric Medicine Workbench crafting recipe:

Electric medicine workbench crafting recipe.
  • Refined Ingot – 40x
  • Circuit Board – 10x
  • Carbon Fiber – 20x

Refined Ingots can be produced using Coal, whereas Circuit Boards require the use of Pure Quartz for their creation. Carbon Fiber, on the other hand, can be acquired by refining either Charcoal or Coal in Furnaces. It’s advisable to opt for Charcoal since it’s more readily sourced from Wood, dedicating Coal primarily for the creation of Refined Ingots. Pure Quartz, akin to Coal, Ore, and Sulfur, is a naturally occurring resource. To gather this material, one should explore the winter regions such as Astral Mountain.

Respec Memory Wiping Medicine Crafting Recipe

Crafting the Memory Wiping Medicine is an endeavor that requires specific materials, each contributing to the potent effects of this powerful potion. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Beautiful Flower – 99: The essence of beauty captured in a flower, necessary for the delicate process of memory wiping.
  • Horn – 50: A symbol of strength and resilience, horns add a necessary robustness to the medicine.
  • Bone – 50: Representing structure and support, bones provide the medicine with a foundation for its effects.
  • Pal Fluids – 50: The core ingredient, Pal Fluids, intertwine the essence of Palworld into the medicine, making the respec process possible.

Gathering these ingredients is a quest in itself, encouraging exploration, combat, and strategic planning as you collect each component required for the Memory Wiping Medicine.

After crafting the Memory Wiping Medicine using the Electric Medicine Workbench, you’re ready to reset your character’s stats by simply taking the Memory Wiping Medicine.

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