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Palworld: How To Play With Friends In Multiplayer And Coop


To the surprise of no one, Palworld is best played with friends. Depending on your preference, you can either join a Dedicated Server or a Private Server. If you are only interested in playing with your online buddies to explore, craft, etc. you should learn how to create a Multiplayer Server. Here is everything you need to know about playing Palworld with your friends.

Palworld: Play With Friends In Multiplayer

Before we begin, Palworld multiplayer is exclusively online: there is no local or split-screen option. Multiplayer Worlds are only online when the host is active. Here is how you can create a Multiplayer World in Palworld:

  • From the main menu, select Start Game.
  • Click on the Create New World on the World Select screen.
  • You can name your world anything you like.
  • On the World Settings screen, find and select the Multiplayer setting to “On.”
  • Confirm your settings and start your world.

Inviting Friends

Once in your world, pause the game (using ESC on the keyboard or the option button on a controller). Go to the Options tab, where you’ll find the Invite Code at the top-right. Copy the code to your clipboard or make it visible to read it out to friends.

From the main menu, select Join Multiplayer Game. Paste or type in the world code provided by your friend. Press OK to enter.

Server Capacity

Public Servers can support up to 32 players. Private Servers are ideal for playing with up to four friends. Lastly, there is no PvP at the time of writing this.

Hosting And Joining Co-op Sessions

To start a multiplayer game, players have the option to host a session using a personal save file for up to four players or join a dedicated server that supports up to 32 players.

When hosting, the multiplayer option must be enabled in the world settings, either when creating a new world or by modifying an existing one. The host can find the invite code in the options menu, which they must share with their friends to join.

Each character is tied to the world or server they were created in, meaning players will start anew in each multiplayer session they join. However, plans for a server/save transfer method are in development.

How To Play With Friends On Dedicated Servers In Palworld?

Players can join public Palworld servers, host their own, or use a hosting service for a more streamlined experience. Dedicated servers are currently only available on Steam, limiting larger sessions to this platform.

Due to Palworld’s popularity, players may encounter server stability issues, but common troubleshooting steps like restarting the game or system can resolve these problems.

How Multiplayer And Coop Activities Work In Palworld?

  • Collaborative Boss Battles: Players can team up to defeat tower bosses, enhancing the cooperative gameplay experience.
  • Guild System: Guilds act as parties, allowing members to work on bases together. However, players looking to build their own unique bases should create or join separate guilds.
  • World Exploration and Loot: Exploration and loot discovery are individual experiences. Map uncovering and fast travel points must be done solo, and found items are exclusive to the finder.

Is There Crossplay In Palworld?

Initially, there is no crossplay between Xbox and Steam versions of Palworld, restricting players to the same platform for multiplayer sessions. Crossplay is a planned feature for future updates.

Being in early access, Palworld may present some gameplay and server issues during multiplayer sessions, such as difficulty in navigating terrain and inventory management bugs.

Future Developments And Plans For Plaworld

  • Crossplay Ambitions: Though not available at launch, the development team is actively working to introduce crossplay between different platforms as soon as possible.
  • PlayStation 5 Consideration: While there are no immediate plans for a PS5 release, the developer, Pocketpair, is considering it as part of their ongoing development process.
  • Improving Server Stability: Addressing server stability is a priority to ensure a smoother multiplayer experience.
  • Expanded Server/Save Transfer: The introduction of a server/save transfer method is anticipated, which will allow players to maintain their progression across different multiplayer sessions.

This is everything we have got on how to play Palworld with friends for some jolly co-op. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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