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Palworld: How to Get Electric Organs?


Electric Organ is an important resource in Palworld, needed to build a range of Technology such as Lamps, Generators, etc. In this guide, we have delved into some strategies to help you efficiently farm Electric Organs in Palworld:

Palworld Electric Organs

Electric Organs are crucial for building Technology like Power Generators, Lamps, etc. in your base. Technology that requires Electric Organs in Palworld include:

  • Electric Pylon: 100x Ingot + 30x Electric Organ + 20x Circuit Board
  • Jolthog’s Gloves: 5x Cloth + 5x Electric Organ + 5x Paldium Fragment
  • Univolt Saddle: 10x Leather + 5x Ingot + 10x Electric Organ + 15x Paldium Fragment
  • Stun Baton: 20x Ingot + 20x Electric Organ
  • Power Generator: 50x Ingot + 20x Electric Organ
  • Lamp: 10x Ingot + 3x Electric Organ + 3x Nail + 20x Wood
  • Ceiling Lamp: 20x Ingot + 3x Electric Organ + 3x Nail
  • Shock Grenade: 10x Fiber + 10x Stone + 1x Electric Organ
  • Electric Mine: 5x Ingot + 2x Electric Organ
  • Antique Lamp Set: 30x Wood + 3x Electric Organ + 3x Nail
  • Emergency Exit Sign Set: 1x Polymer + 1x Electric Organ
  • Electric Pylon: 100x Ingot + 30x Electric Organ + 20x Circuit Board

Electric Organs are dropped by Electric-type Pals. Use the Paldeck, select an Electric-type Pal, and click on Habitat to see the locations:

  • Sparkits: Commonly found east and northeast of Small Settlement.
  • Jolthogs: Located just south of the Bridge of the Twin Knights. These are relatively easier to fight, especially at night. Found to the left of the Plateau of Beginnings area.

Focus on these areas for efficient farming. Hunting these Pals will yield Electric Organs. You should try to hunt at night when Electric Pals are easier to locate due to their glow and are often asleep, making them easier to defeat or capture. Lastly, you should try to use Rideable Mounts like Eikthyrdeer for faster ground movement or Flying Tames like Nitewing for aerial reconnaissance.

This is everything we have on how to get Electric Organs in Palworld. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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