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Palworld: How to Find and Catch Jetragon?



Jetragon, a legendary Dragon-type Pal in Palworld, stands as one of the most formidable creatures in the game. Known for its strength and rarity, catching Jetragon requires some preparation. This guide will cover the key aspects of finding and catching Jetragon in Palworld.

Palworld Jetragon

Jetragon is found in the southwestern volcano region of Palworld, specifically at Mount Obsidian, around the coordinates: -789, -321. This area is close to the Beach of Everlasting Summer, a Fast Travel point. Remember, the region is hot, so wearing Heat-Resistant Armor is crucial for survival. Before engaging with Jetragon, there are several preparations you need to make:

  1. Ice-Type Pals: Since Jetragon is a Dragon/Fire type, it’s vulnerable to Ice-type Pals. Examples include Frostallion, Wumpo, Chillet, and Ice Reptyro.
  2. Weapons: Long-range weapons, particularly Assault Rifles, are effective against Jetragon, allowing you to maintain a safe distance while inflicting damage.
  3. Level Up Your Pals: Ensure that your Pals are of a high level to withstand Jetragon’s attacks.
  4. Pal Spheres: Given Jetragon’s low catch rate, carry a substantial number of Pal Spheres to increase your chances of a successful capture.

How to Catch

Jetragon, being a Legendary Pal, has formidable attack patterns and defenses. It’s crucial to understand its combat style for an effective strategy:

  1. Attack Patterns: Jetragon employs a mix of aerial and ground attacks. It can unleash powerful fire-based attacks and is known for its agility in the air.
  2. Defensive Abilities: As a Dragon/Fire type, Jetragon has high resistance to fire-based attacks and possesses a strong overall defense, making it a tough opponent.

To successfully engage and weaken Jetragon for capture, consider the following tactics:

  1. Use of AoE Pals: Since Jetragon frequently takes to the air, Pals with AoE abilities or those capable of aerial combat are highly effective. These Pals can target Jetragon even when it’s airborne, ensuring continuous damage.
  2. Ranged Weaponry: Given Jetragon’s mobility and powerful attacks, maintaining a safe distance is key. Using ranged weapons like Assault Rifles allows you to deal consistent damage while staying out of the immediate danger zone.
  3. Dodging and Positioning: Be vigilant of Jetragon’s attack cues. Its fire-based attacks often have a charge-up time, giving you a brief window to dodge or reposition. Staying on the move and avoiding direct hits is crucial.
  4. Weakness Exploitation: As a Dragon/Fire type, Jetragon is particularly vulnerable to Ice-type attacks. Bringing Ice-type Pals into the battle can significantly increase your damage output.
  5. Health Management: Keep a close eye on your and your Pals’ health bars. Use healing items promptly to recover from Jetragon’s attacks, ensuring you can sustain the fight long enough to capture it.
  6. Staggering Jetragon: Focus on attacks that can stagger or stun Jetragon, as these moments present the best opportunity to use Pal Spheres for capture.

Once Jetragon’s health is sufficiently lowered, and ideally after a staggering attack, use Pal Spheres to attempt capture. Given its low capture rate, be prepared to use multiple Spheres.

Jetragon is a level 50 Pal: ensure your gear and Pals are adequately leveled up. If you fail to catch Jetragon on your first attempt, it will respawn, allowing for another try. Once captured, you can craft a saddle for Jetragon, turning it into a fast flying mount.

Breeding Jetragon

To breed Jetragon, you need two Jetragon parents. Once you have them, assign them to a Breeding Pen. Additionally, crafting a Cake, which can be created from any cooking station except the campfire, might be required.

This should help you easily catch Jetragon in Palworld. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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