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Palworld: How to Farm Gold Keys?


In Palworld, Gold Keys are needed for unlocking valuable treasure chests that contain rare items. Unlike Copper Keys and Silver Keys, getting Gold Keys is more challenging, making them a sought-after item. This guide will detail the process of getting Gold Keys in Palworld.

Palworld Gold Keys

Gold Keys unlock the rarest chests in Palworld, offering access to high-value loot. Gold Keys are the rarest type of key and are not dropped by any monsters in the game, including Legendaries.

The most reliable way to obtain Gold Keys is by defeating Black Marketeers. These special merchants are non-hostile by default but will defend themselves fiercely once attacked. Defeating them yields a Gold Key.

Black Marketeers can often be found in caves or underground areas across Palworld. Black Marketeers and their Pals are usually at level 40. Ensure you and your Pals are at a comparable level and equipped with strong gear for the fight. Engage in battle with a well-thought-out plan, as Black Marketeers can pose a significant challenge.

How to Use

Use the Gold Keys to unlock the rarest chests you find in your exploration. Be prepared for a range of valuable items, including rare resources and unique gear. Continuously seek out and defeat Black Marketeers to accumulate Gold Keys. Regularly explore new areas and return to known Black Marketeer locations for additional encounters. Keep your inventory organized to ensure you have space for the keys and the loot from chests.

Apart from dropping Gold Keys, Black Marketeers can also sell rare and unique Pals, making them valuable NPCs to interact with.

This should help you easily farm Gold Keys in Palworld. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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