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Palworld: How to Cure Overfill?


In Palworld, your Pals can suffer from various ailments, including the Overfull sickness. This condition can significantly affect their hunger and, consequently, their work and combat abilities. Addressing this condition promptly and effectively is vital for maintaining the health and productivity of your Pals.

Palworld Overfill

Overfull is a sickness caused by stress-related eating disorders, leading to rapid hunger decrease and reduced Pal performance. Regular care and maintaining the sanity of your Pals can prevent the occurrence of Overfull.

Keep an eye on your Pals for signs of Overfull, characterized by a rapid decrease in hunger. Addressing Overfull quickly is crucial to restore your Pals’ normal functioning. To cure it, you will need to build Medieval Medicine Workbench. Unlock this at Level 12 Technology. Required resources include:

  • 30x Wood + 5x Nail + 10x Paldium Fragment

Using the workbench, combine Red Berries x5 and Horns x2 to create Low-Grade Medical Supplies. Add the affected Pal to your team for easier treatment. Approach the Pal and open the feed option in the Pal Commands interface. Select the Low-Grade Medical Supplies from your inventory and feed it to the sick Pal.

Defeat or capture Pals like Flopie, Lifmunk, and Vaelet, which can drop Low-Grade Medical Supplies. Available for around 240 Gold, this can be an alternative if you’re far from unlocking the workbench.

Maintain a stock of the required ingredients and medical supplies for future occurrences of Overfull. Regularly check your Pals’ health to catch and treat Overfull early.

This should help you easily cure Overfill in Palworld. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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