Palworld Dungeon Locations And How Dungeons Work


Dungeons in Palworld, much like in many adventure games, offer a mix of exploration, combat, and rewards. They are embedded in various locations across the Palworld map and serve as a way to farm rewards, XP, weapons, and gear. Dungeon locations are also where you often encounter rare pals.

Palworld Dungeon Locations And Where To Find Them

Dungeons in Palworld are typically found in the form of caverns within mountain walls. They have specific spawn points across the map and can be recognized as large black caves. Notably, these dungeons are temporary, existing for only 200 minutes before vanishing and respawning after a significant time. Some known coordinates for cave spawns include -56, 275; 92, -449; and 60, -434 (refer to the image below for more locations). Additionally, a dungeon is located near the Small Settlement, in the ravine at the bottom.

While specific coordinates are available, stumbling upon dungeons organically during gameplay is often more time-efficient. Keeping an eye on mountain walls and using height to your advantage can facilitate their discovery. Most medium-sized areas typically house two dungeons.

all dungeon locations in palworld
All known dungeon locations in Palworld.
dungeon locations in Palworld.

Variety of Dungeon Locations

Mountain Walls

The mountainous terrains in Palworld are prime spots for dungeon discovery. These dungeons often appear on mountain walls, making them relatively easier to spot for the keen-eyed adventurer. Regularly scanning these areas as you journey through the game increases your chances of stumbling upon a hidden dungeon.

Caves and Underground Structures

Many dungeons in Palworld are ingeniously concealed within caves or underground structures. These dungeons require a more in-depth exploration, often leading players deep beneath the earth’s surface. Keep an eye out for unusual cave entrances or openings in the ground, as they might lead to exciting and challenging underground dungeons.

Isolated Islands

A unique aspect of Palworld’s dungeons is their potential location on isolated islands. These remote dungeons are accessible via boats or flying Pals, offering a distinct exploration experience. The isolation of these islands often means they house unique challenges and exclusive rewards, making them highly desirable for adventurers seeking something out of the ordinary.

How Dungeons Work In Palworld

Palworld dungeons come in two primary layouts: one featuring a central chamber connected to four others and another resembling a castle corridor. However, navigating these mapless and massive areas can be challenging. It’s advisable to draw a physical map, noting your route to avoid getting lost. Playing in multiplayer mode is beneficial, as it allows players to cover more ground quickly. Additionally, having a fast mount can significantly ease dungeon exploration.

Within the dungeons, players will encounter various Pals like Maus, Daedreams, and Fuddlers, along with Syndicate grunts. As players explore higher-level regions, they may face stronger foes like Maraith or Ice Reptyro. The final boss of each dungeon varies, offering rare resources upon defeat.

Upon completing a dungeon, players are rewarded with treasure chests containing items like blueprints, Technical Manuals, Rubies, and in later dungeons, Diamonds and Accessories. Unique Alpha Pals can also be captured, which are exclusive to dungeons.

How To Get The Best Loot From Dungeons

Your tames (Palworld creatures you’ve tamed) are invaluable. They’ll protect you and make your dungeon journey much easier. Keep an eye out for creatures like Mauos, which drop gold. Instead of killing them, farm them. If you put them in a farm later, they’ll gather lots of gold for you.

Bring a metal pickaxe. You’ll find valuable resources like coal, sulfur, and rare nodes. Look for distinctive rocks, like the Blue Rock, which yield high-value materials.

Dungeons typically have four rooms. You can go left, right, or straight from the entrance. Each direction offers different mini-bosses and resources.

Going left and right from the entrance leads to areas with mini-bosses and valuable tames. Defeat them for ammo and other useful items.

Dungeons are home to rare tames, which are great for gaining experience. Use your crossbow to bring their health down and then use the Pal Spheres to catch them. You will need craft higher-level Pal Spheres to catch rare Pals.

Be selective with what you carry. Sulfur, for instance, is more valuable and harder to find than other resources like stone or wood. The boss room, usually straight ahead from the entrance, houses powerful creatures. Be prepared for a tough fight. Use your tames and weapons strategically.

After defeating the boss, you’ll find valuable items like the Nightmare Ball and Life Pendant, and ancient civilization parts. Here are some bonus tips:

  • Food: Don’t forget to bring food! It’s easy to overlook, but vital for your survival.
  • Stamina Management: Make sure you have enough stamina to harvest resources.
  • Leverage Night Workers: Some tames, like the Daydream, are more active and helpful at night.

How To Exit A Dungeon In Palworld

There are three ways to exit a dungeon: through the portal behind the boss, the entrance used to enter, or, less ideally, through player death. The exit portal is often a welcome sight after the challenges faced within.

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