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Palworld: How to Breed Anubis? (All Pairings)


In the world of Palworld, the process of breeding the most powerful creatures is something you will need to do as you progress into the endgame. And among these powerful creatures, Anubis is one of the most sought-after ones, thanks to its unique abilities and combat prowess. This guide covers everything there is to know about easily breeding Anubis in Palworld including the best pairings, required conditions, and setting up the Breeding Farm to do so.

Palworld Breeding Anubis

Anubis possesses a range of skills including Stone Blast, Power Bomb, Sand Tornado, Spinning Roundhouse, Forceful Charge, Ground Smash, and Rock Lance. Each skill varies in power, cooldown, and range, offering a mix of melee and ranged attacks. It is a ground elemental type with levels in handiwork, transporting, and mining. It also has a partner skill known as Guardian of the Desert, enhancing ground damage and dodging capability in battles.

To start the breeding process, create a Breeding Farm in your base. Ensure you have an egg incubator for hatching the egg. There are numerous combinations that can result in an Anubis. Some notable pairings include:

  • Bushi + Penking
  • Incineram + Surfent
  • Caprity + Beakon
  • Elizabee + Chillet
  • Kitsun + a lot of Partners
  • Penking + Bushi

Breeding Process

Select the desired combination of Pals. Remember, they should be of opposite genders. Cook a cake using ingredients like Flour, Red Berries, Milk, Eggs, and Honey. Place the cake in the Breeding Farm. Assign your chosen Pals to the farm. After a while, the Pals will produce an egg. Place the egg in the Incubator while providing warmth (e.g., using campfires or burners) can speed up the incubation process, typically taking around an hour.

The parent Pals can pass down their passive skills to the offspring, so choose your Pals wisely. Besides breeding, you can find Huge Rocky Eggs in the wild, particularly around mountain peaks or Volcano Island.

This should help you easily breed Anubis in Palworld. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know!

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