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Palworld Black Marketeer Locations Guide


In Palworld, players often find themselves in situations where they need to trade or acquire new Pals, the game’s unique creatures. Enter the Black Marketeers, a mysterious trio of traders who play a pivotal role in this part of the game. These black merchants provide a marketplace for Pals and are found in different locations in Palworld.

All Palworld Black Marketeer Locations

Black Marketeer Location #1

Black Marketeer Location #1 in Palworld.
Black Marketeer Location #1 on the map.

Early on in the game, players stumble upon the first Black Marketeer, tucked away in an obscure spot. This Black Marketeer is holed up deep in the Abandoned Mine, just west of the Desolate Church waypoint. To reach him, spawn at this waypoint, head west, and navigate a tricky cliff to find the Abandoned Mineshaft’s entrance, marked by Pal Spheres. Inside, amidst a somewhat eerie setting of guillotines, he trades Pals for gold. Keep in mind, the value hinges on the rarity and level of the Pals, but be cautious – this trader’s motives for the Pals are a bit shady.

Black Marketeer Location #2

Black Marketeer Location #2 on the map.

As the game progresses, players might need to expand their search for the remaining Black Marketeers, especially when the first one’s stock doesn’t cut it. The second trader is up north, beyond the Dessicated Desert. Near the PIDF Tower Entrance waypoint, at coordinates 496, 340, lies the Secret Mineshaft. This area requires players to don Heat-resistant armor by day and Cold-Resistant armor at night. Though this trader’s stock might not differ much from his brother’s, occasionally, he offers unique Pals that could set you back up to 20,000 gold.

Black Marketeer Location #3

The last Black Marketeer waits near the abandoned city of Duneshelter, at coordinates 345, 364. Instead of heading into the city, veer right and follow the outer wall to meet him. Like his siblings, he offers a range of Pals. If you’re on the hunt for something special, it might be worth checking out all three Black Marketeers’ inventories.

When planning to purchase from these traders, remember how they restock. These guys won’t refresh their wares if you just hang around. You’ve got to leave the area and come back after a day or so to see new items. The Black Marketeer’s inventory is a mixed bag, featuring both common and rare Pals, with prices fluctuating based on stats and rarity. Some Pals you might spot include Killamari, Galeclaw, Robinquil, Relaxaurus, among others, with prices ranging from a few thousand to over twenty thousand gold.

How To Catch A Black Marketeer For Gold Farming

One of the best ways farm gold in Palworld is through selling unwanted to Pals. However, to sell you need to track a merchant and then access his shop. However, if you can capture one of the merchants, especially a Black Marketeer, you farming Gold becomes easier. Use the Black Marketeer locations I shared above to track down one of them.

When you reach the location, make sure to have a Hyper or Ultra Sphere at your disposal before engaging in battle with them. Keep in mind that a Black Marketeer is very overpowered so you might not be able to capture them in early game.

The best way to capture a Black Marketeer is to separate his bird by running away and the line of sight method. By breaking the Black Marketeers light of sight, he won’t be able to hit you and you can focus on the bird. Taking down and capturing the bird first will make it easier for you to capture the Black Marketeer.

In my experience, poison arrows work well against the Black Marketeer so I recommend using those. Once his health is low enough, throw a Hyper or Ultra Sphere to capture the Black Marketeer. If you don’t know how to craft higher-level spheres, here’s a complete guide on crafting recipes.

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