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Palworld: Best Way To Farm Honey Passively, Honey Farming Made Easy


Palworld, the Pokemon-like game by Pocketpair, offers players a unique survival experience with a blend of crafting, building, and battling. A crucial resource in Palworld is honey, vital for making cakes necessary for breeding Pals. Breeding is a key strategy to develop strong fighters for late-game challenges and they come in handy when you want to catch Black Marketeers.

Honey Locations: Identifying the Right Pals

There are specific Pals in Palworld from which you can obtain honey. The primary Pals known to drop honey include:

  • Warsect
  • Elizabee
  • Beegarde
  • Cinnamoth

Cinnamoth Locations

Cinnamoth, resembling butterflies, are the easiest to locate and are found primarily in Cinnamoth Forest (coordinates -75, -272) and its surrounding areas. Key locations include near the Lake Center fast travel point, around the Ritual Site, and west of the Hypocrite Hill fast travel point. Typically, they are at levels 16-18, so it’s advisable to be at least level 11 before engaging them. Cinnamoths tend to run away once they spot a player, so quick action is necessary.

Beegarde and Elizabee Habitats

Beegarde locations on the map.

Beegarde and Elizabee, on the other hand, reside on a larger island northeast of the starting point. Beegarde is often found near the Snowy Mountain Fork point, extending south to Gobfin’s Turf. Elizabee lives in colonies around the same areas as Beegarde. Beegarde, known for its explosive behavior after getting hit, can be strategically defeated using ranged weapons while maintaining a safe distance.


Warsect, a wasp-like Pal, is less accessible and found on a small island north of the volcano. This makes it a less reliable source for honey due to its challenging location.

Passive Honey Farming In Palworld

Capturing certain Pals like Beegarde and assigning them to your Palworld Ranch is a more efficient method of farming honey. This passive approach allows for a consistent, albeit slower, collection of honey compared to active hunting.

Players should be mindful of the game’s mechanics, especially when dealing with Cinnamoths and Beegardes. For instance, Cinnamoths won’t drop honey if they are defeated by a grunt or a Pal that you don’t tame. Similarly, the explosive nature of Beegardes requires a tactical approach during battles.

In summary, build a ranch and catch Beegarde to passively farm honey in Palworld. The best way forward is to expand your base, create a second base and catch more Beegarde to increase your honey production in Palworld.

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