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Palworld Beginner’s Guide: Tips And Tricks You Should Know


Palworld is the hot new creature collection survival game from Pocket Pair. If you are new to the game then there are a couple of things that you need to know to make your progression much smoother and faster. Here are some tips and tricks that you should know of for Palworld.

Palworld Tips And Tricks

Here are some Palworld tips and tricks that will make your experience much smoother and your progression faster.

Use Your Pals At Camp To Get Things Done

You should deploy your pals to perform useful actions such as digging when you are at your base. For example, you can use a Digtoise, and your pal will automatically head over to resources and dig them out. Another example is Caprity, who can drop berries on ranches. This is a great way of getting some bonus work done at your base.

You can check the description of your Pal to see what tasks it can perform on its own. You will need specific Pals to perform tasks like fueling a Furnace, farming wood, etc.

Constantly Make Spheres

One of the best and fastest ways of leveling in Palworld is by hatching and that is why our tip is to constantly make spheres because as you progress through the game you will eventually run out of them.

Spheres allow you to catch Pals but you can also use them on people. The game will warn you that it’s inhumane but you can throw a Pal Sphere on a person to add them to your party. This works on merchants too if you want one at your base.

You Will Need A Lot Of Storage

You need a lot of storage in Palworld. Items and resources will weigh you down and affect your immobility if you are carrying too much. Luckily you can store excess items and resources at your base and drop them in barrels and shelves.

I also recommend placing storage boxes near generators such as Logging Camps and Stone Pits to give your Pals a place to put away produced materials.

Increase Your Base Level

Leveling up your base has certain requirements that you might not want to fulfill but we highly recommend leveling up your base since it increases the number of bases that you can have and also the number of Pals that can work at the base. You want more Pals working at your base so that you can accumulate resources faster and progress quicker.

Focus On Pals That Have Multiple Abilities

While some Pals have single abilities there are others that have multiple abilities even at lower levels. This allows them to perform multiple tasks, so you do not need a separate Pal for each and every task that you need to complete. Lifmunk and Tanzee are some of the Pals that have multiple abilities that you can get early on in Palworld. Both of these Pals can do five different things and having them at your base is going to be a massive convenience.

Pals Gain XP And Level Up By Performing Tasks And Battling

Your Pals will gain XP and level up at your base and in your party. The Pals in your party will gain XP when you explore or battle. The Pals at your base will get XP for performing different tasks. This means that even if you capture a weak Pal, you can drop it off at your base and have it perform tasks to gain XP and become stronger over time.

Craft Pal Gear

Pal Gear can be very helpful since it allows for a variety of Pal abilities. It comes from the Pal Gear Workbench and different Pals have unique pieces of gear. Once you get a piece of Pal Gear, it will apply to the type of Pal in your party. This can allow you to use Foxparks as a flamethrower and ride Rushoar.

Explore During The Day And Night

Different Pals will pop up during the day and night. While you might want to sleep through the night, we recommend exploring at night as well to see what kind of Pals you can find. You can craft torches to make visibility better at night.

Pick Up Anything That Glows

While exploring if you see something that has a green glow or is sparkling then you should check it out. Green glowing figures on top of pedestals (Lifmunk Effigies)increase your Pal catch rate. Items that sparkle can be useful items such as skill fruit, which is used to teach your Pals different moves (similar to TMs in Pokemon).

Look For Eggs

As you explore, you will find different eggs. You can pick these up and put them in an incubator to hatch Pals. This is one way of getting Pals that you do not already have, at least early on in Palworld.

These are the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Palworld. To learn more check out our guide on Black Marketeer locations. If you are playing the game on PC then check out our guide on how you can fix the Unhandled Exception error. For more content check out our Palworld guides hub. For all things tech and gaming stick to RespawnFirst.

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