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Palworld Statue Of Power Use, Crafting Recipe, How To Build


The Statue of Power stands as a significant structure you’ll encounter early in your Palworld. Crafting this statue is straightforward: you’ll need 20x Stones and 10x Paldium Fragments, materials that you can gather as you explore the game’s world.

Once you build the Statue of Power, it serves a unique purpose – it’s the key to boosting stats for both your character and your Pals, offering improvements you can’t find elsewhere in the game. The upgrade process is fueled by two specific resources: Lifmunk Effigies and Pal Souls, which come in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large.

statue of power crafting recipe to build it in Palworld.

How To Use Statue Of Power

Select Statue of Power from the Pal wheel to use it.

Approach the statue, and you’ll be presented with two options: Upgrade Player Stats or Upgrade Pals. If you’re looking to boost your efficiency in befriending Pals, Lifmunk Effigies are your go-to resource for increasing your Pal catch rate. On the other hand, Pal Souls are vital for increasing your Pal’s core attributes, such as HP, Attack, Defense, and Work Power. Initially, Small Pal Souls are sufficient for basic upgrades, but as you progress, you’ll need Medium and eventually Large Pal Souls for more significant upgrades.

Upgrading the Statue of Power in Palworld isn’t just recommended; it’s a necessity. The upgrades offered by this structure rank among the game’s most beneficial upgrades. The best part? Lifmunk Effigies and Pal Souls have no other use in the game, so you can dedicate them to your statue upgrades without second thoughts.

Initially, boosting your catch rate with Lifmunk Effigies is relatively easy, requiring only a modest number. However, as you progress, the required number for each upgrade increases significantly. This scaling difficulty underscores the importance of early and consistent upgrades to make the most out of your Effigies.

When it comes to upgrade your Pals, it’s important to be selective. Different Pals come with varied passive abilities, and since Souls are a rare commodity, you’ll want to ensure you’re investing them in Pals with the most beneficial passives. This is key because once a Soul is used, it’s gone. Plan your upgrades thoughtfully to avoid wastage and maximize your Pals’ potential.

Statue Of Power Unlock Requirements

You need level 8 on the tech tree to unlock the Statue of Power. Moreover, since this is an ancient tech you’ll need to invest 1 Ancient Technology point to unlock the Statue of Power. Once that’s done, build it using the aforementioned crafting materials.

How to Find Lifmunk Effigies and Pal Souls

Lifmunk Effigies are generously scattered across the Palworld map. These can be found during your explorations, tucked away in various nooks and crannies.

Pal Souls, on the other hand, are a bit trickier to come by. These are random drops from certain Pals, like Nox, adding a layer of challenge. Additionally, you can stumble upon Pal Souls of different grades in Treasure Chests scattered throughout the game.

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