The workshop is an important part of your survival in Oxygen Not Included. The workshop is required to conduct researches that will make things easier for you and our Oxygen Not Included Workshop Guide will help you with how to establish a workshop and how to utilize it properly. You will be walked through the fundamental steps of setting up your workshop, from understanding the pivotal components like Manual Generators and Oxygen Diffusers to effectively managing your resources. Additionally, gain insights into prioritizing research to unlock advanced features.


Oxygen Not Included Workshop

The Workshop in Oxygen Not Included is important as you’ll need it to conduct researches that will help you a lot. Without a workshop, you won’t be able to create your own oxygen supply or basically research anything like farming and power regulation.

In our Oxygen Not Included Workshop guide, we will take you step-by-step on how to establish a workshop, which research to prioritize, and how to produce oxygen.

How To Establish a Workshop

As I mentioned before, establishing a workshop is important and here is how you establish it. However, you need to prioritize the following for your initial workshop.

  • Manual Generator
  • Tiny Battery
  • Research Station
  • Oxygen Diffuser
  • Necessary wiring to connect the pieces.

However, you need a lot of metal ore and you need to dig all of it. If you are on Tera then mine the orange Copper Ore as it will come in handy.

If you want your workshop to look nice and clean then you can hide the wires behind buildings or have them run through the floor. You can hide wires behind any building except for unmined resources like metal ores.

Also, the real workshop is on the upper floor, and don’t worry about using resources for the upper floor as you’ll need to have it eventually. So, do it early.

Research Priorities

Now that initial workshop has been established, it’s time to conduct some researches to make things easier moving forward. I suggest that you prioritize the following researches and also in the same order.

  • Basic Farming
  • Power Regulation

Here is the reason why you need to prioritize these particular researches. Basic farming is necessary to establish your first Mealwood farm and don’t to delay it. As for Power Regulation, this will unlock the standard Battery which has 4x the capacity compared to the tiny battery.

Also, take the following researches into consideration to prioritize them. They are important but not as much as the ones stated above.

  • Meal Preparation
  • Pressure Management for the Airflow Tile.
  • Advanced Research

Note that don’t try to research anything for which you don’t see any immediate or any upcoming use. For example, on Terra water is plentiful and given that Water tech Tier 3 and above will cost you a lot, so avoid researching too much into it as you’ll be fine.

Oxygen Production

By this point in Oxygen Not Included, you’ll probabaly notice that your Oxylite reserves are running low. It’s time to produce your own oxygen and here is how to do it.

As part of your initial workshop setup, just place an Oxygen Diffuser and it’ll start producing oxygen for you and will be a better alternative to sustain the base. However, once you start producing your own oxygen, do keep in mind to check the Algae levels regularly.

There you have it folks, our guide on how to establish a workshop in Oxygen Not Included along with tips on which researches to prioritize and how to produce your own oxygen.

Tips for Efficient Oxygen Production

  1. Monitor Oxygen Levels:
    • Regularly check the oxygen levels in different areas of your colony using the Oxygen Overlay. Ensure all areas are adequately oxygenated for the survival of your duplicants.
  2. Manage Algae Supplies:
    • Keep a close eye on your algae supplies. Algae are crucial for operating Oxygen Diffusers, so ensure a steady supply to avoid disruptions in oxygen production.
  3. Upgrade to Electrolyzers:
    • As your colony grows, consider upgrading to Electrolyzers for more efficient and higher-volume oxygen production.
  4. Ensure Proper Ventilation:
    • Ensure your colony has proper ventilation to allow the smooth flow of oxygen to all areas. Use Airflow Tiles to enhance ventilation and oxygen distribution.
  5. Balance Power Consumption:
    • Balance the power consumption of your oxygen production equipment to avoid overloading your power grid and causing blackouts.