The game Oxygen Not Included may not include Oxygen but does include a range of Flora and Fauna for you to discover. These plants and animals cannot only be used as a source of food, but you can also use them as décor for your bases. However, there are a few important things to be learned about them before you start hunting or growing.


Oxygen Not Included Flora and Fauna

In this Plants and Animals Guide for Oxygen Not Included, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about growing plants and hunting down Critters (ONI’s version of animals).

Before we begin, also note that there are a few things missing from the guide here and there. We’ll make sure to keep it updated as we discover more information. You can always feel free to help us completing something by reaching out to us.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about all the plants and critters in Oxygen Not Included.


Plants in Oxygen Not Included serve two purposes such as being a source of food and décor. You can grow them in different biomes, dig them out, and replant once more. All of them are made up of 400kg of Generic Ooze. To grow them perfectly, you must meet certain requirements – varying from plant to plant.

These requirements include temperature, atmosphere, pressure, illumination, and resources. If one of these things is lacking, the plant will stop growing without consuming any additional resources and will resume growth once all the conditions have been fulfilled.

Plants are further divided into four kinds i.e. Decorative Plants, Food Plants, Industrial Plants, and Utility Plants. Let’s talk about all the plants in the game and the conditions you need to fulfill to grow them perfectly.

Plant Produces Décor Décor Radius Requirements Can Grow in
Balm Lily Balm Lily Flowers +15 2 150 – 10000g
35 – 85°C Temperature
Plant Box, Farmer’s Block, Hydroponic Farm
Bluff Briar N/A 26 or -9 5 150-10000g Air Pressure
Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Polluted Oxygen
10-30 degrees
Flower Pot, Hanging Pot, Wall Pot, Aero Pot
Bristle Blossom Bristle Berries +15 2 150-10000g Air Pressure
Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Polluted Oxygen
5-30 degrees
Light illumination
20kg per cycle water
Plant Box, Farmer’s Block, Hydroponic Farm
Buddy Bud Floral Scents +26 5 Oxygen, Polluted Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
150 – 10000 g
Flower Pot, Hanging Pots, Wall Pot, Aero Pot
Dusk Cap Mushrooms +15 2 150-10000g
Carbon Dioxide
5 – 35°C
Slime 4000 g per Cycle
Plant Box, Farmer’s Block, Hydroponic Farm
Gas Grass Gassy Moo diet +25 4 Chlorine -500g per Cycle
-273.2 to 75 Temperature
Plant Box, Farmer’s Block, Hydroponic Farm
Mealwood Drecko Food -10 2 150-10000 g
Oxygen, Polluted Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
10 – 30 °C
10 Kg per Cycle Dirt
Plant Box, Farmer’s Block, Hydroponic Farm
Pincha Pepperplant Pincha Peppernut for Spicy Foods +15 2 150-10000g
35 – 85°C Temperature
1Kg per Cycle Phosphorite
35Kg per Cycle Polluted Water
Farmer’s Block, Hydroponic Farm
Sleet What Sleet Wheat Grain +15 2 150-10000g
Oxygen, Polluted Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
-55 – 5°C Temperature
4000 g per Cycle Fertilizer
20 Kg per Cycle Water
Plant Box, Farmer’s Block, Hydroponic Farm
Sporechild N/A +1 N/A Carbon Dioxide
-15 – 240 Temperature
Flower Pot, Hanging Pots, Wall Pot, Aero Pot
Thimble Reed Reed Fiber +10 1 Oxygen, Polluted Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Polluted Water, Water
21.9 – 36.9°C Temperature
160Kg per Cycle Polluted Water
Farmer’s Block, Hydroponic Farm
Wheezewort Can cool gases +15 2 -60 to 95 Temperature Flower Pot, Wall Pot


Animals/Critters/Fauna are aliens that lay eggs, can produce useful materials, and drop meat and other resources when killed. Ranching can also be used to increase the number of eggs and materials.

All the Critters in Oxygen Not Included are non-aggressive. You mustn’t expose them to high temperature because it can prove to be fatal. They can happily live in an atmosphere including vacuum – Pacu being the sole exception here.

You can tame them but they’ll need constant feeding after a cycle to not die from starvation. Wild Critters, on the other hand, don’t need any feeding unless they’ve got the “Glum” debuff that causes them to lose calories periodically.

Lastly, each Critter – whether tamed or wild – has a set life expectancy and can’t live beyond that. This is something to keep in mind.

Puff in ONI takes in contaminated Oxygen, impure Oxygen, and Chlorine and manages to produce Slime, Oxylite, and Bleachstone from it. You can find it in caves that have contaminated water, impure Oxygen, and a small amount of pure Oxygen – more often than not in toxic biomes. Note that high temperatures can prove to be deadly for them.

After you’ve located one, you’ll find them to be non-aggressive having haphazard movement patterns. However, don’t expect to come across one on every map. They can drop meat.

Grassy Moo
These creatures take in Gas Grass and produce Natural Gas. They also drop meat – similar to Puft.

These creatures produce Polluted Gas and can also drop it alongside Chlorine. You can find them naturally and from outhouses if you keep them filled long enough. Moreover, they can’t be ranched.

Shove Vole
They take in Regolith, Dirt, and Iron Ores to produce Solid Tiles. They eat the Regolith and can easily be found on terrestrial surfaces.

They take in Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen to produce Crude Oil and Petroleum. They drop meat when killed and can be found floating over the floor or liquids. Plus, they’re always seen following Carbon Dioxide.

Pacu’s diet includes Algae and they produce Polluted Dirt. If you wish to catch them, you’ll need to use a Fish Trap. Once dead, they drop meat.

The diet of Drecko includes Balm Lily, Pincha Pepper, and Mealwood. They can produce Phosphorite Reed Fiber Plastic and drop meat when killed. You can look for it in the cavities of the Caustic biome. Expect them to agile and move away from any chamber they aren’t trapped in. They’re non-aggressive and can cling to any surface without letting go.

Shine Bug
Its diet is Food Phosphorite and it can produce Light Décor. This creature provides an immediate source of light and +30 Décor in a base. However, it’s hard to get your hands on one and they have a very small HP pool.

It consumes solid diet and can produce Coal and Refined Metal. They burrow themselves in the soft ground during the day but can also stay active if they’re unable to find a suitable place to burrow. They also drop meat when killed.

This is all for our Oxygen Not Included Critters and Plants Guide.