Oxygen Not Included focuses on you trying to survive by exploring to gather materials which are the basic necessities for you to stay alive along with your duplicates. In this Oxygen Not Included Beginner’s Guide we are going to go over everything you need to know before you start playing the game.

A beginner’s guide to Oxygen Not Included

Firstly, you must be aware of how to identify the areas which have more optimum oxygen level than others. These areas are indicated by a blue-colored glow. You must look out for your duplicates as they might run out of oxygen so make them go in more oxygenated areas. The first order of business is to make the Oxygen Diffuser. For this, you will need Algae and power.

After that, you need to learn how to use the Electrolyzer which converts water into oxygen and hydrogen. The air deodorizer removes contaminated oxygen and carbon dioxide. One thing you must know is that keep your living quarters in the upper portions as carbon dioxide travels downwards. Crops need to be planted in an environment where they can have a lot of air and can grow healthy.

Research is key

Then we come onto the research tree. The research tree basically helps you invest resources to acquire new info about new tech. The problem for your duplicates isn’t lack of air but food shortages. So you must research all about food technologies. As I said above that carbon dioxide travels downwards and can be troublesome. So what to do about it? Well, the research tree comes in handy for this.

The Algae Terrariums will help you rid of the carbon dioxide but this may work only when CO2 levels are low. Everyone knows power is most efficient. So what can you do in terms of power? Well for starters you can build generators and also batteries as they will be useful.

After you discover water you must build a pitcher pump which will help you gather all the water via the water source. You will also need a bottle emptier to remove and collect polluted water separately. Which can be filtered later if you have a water purifier. Do keep in mind about digging some tiles as they can be sand tiles which are too weak and can collapse and cause water outburst and can flood the base and thus your duplicates being drowned.

Food is the priority

After that, we come onto Food. You will roughly start out with 20k calories which will be divided amongst you and your duplicates. Obviously, if you all are sharing just 20k calories they won’t last much longer. So making food is another necessity. If you go through the research tree till you come across Planter Box you might be happy if what you find. As you can start growing crops and stuff.

However, you should bear in mind that some plants take much more oxygen than other plants so choose your plants wisely. You can now build the Microbe Musher and make food out of it by connecting it to the Tiny Battery and Manuel Generator. If you don’t want your duplicates to be contaminated we suggest that you build up a sink so that they wash their hands after doing work etc.

Maintaining water flow and temperature

When collecting water resources, it’s vital to not dig near a sand tile as this can potentially lead to heavy flooding. This, in turn, damages machinery and drown Duplicates. Gathering water is carried out in a bottle with the use of a Pitcher Pump. Polluted water can be purified by a water sieve or a purifier on a larger scale. To minimize polluted water, outhouses can be built for sanitation purposes for Duplicates.

Regarding temperature, plants in biomes require an optimal temperature to grow and develop. Temperature can also be maintained via airlocks that redirect gases in order to prevent their build-up and consequent dangers. The Temperature Overlay can help you with these tasks.

Sustaining Duplicates

In addition to Food, proper toilets and sanitation systems should exist for your Duplicates. This will ensure they’re never angry or stressed. Otherwise, they will pollute the water and surrounding areas. As the stress level increases, Duplicates may also vomit further contaminating the environment and deteriorating machinery.

Additionally, also set up bins in each room to increase the content and happiness level of the Duplicates. You may also organize the architecture such that the wires are built into the walls and floors for better decor rating.

Temperature also plays an important role as you wouldn’t want any germs to infect the Duplicates nor any gases to cause an explosion. Monitor the temperature closely for the most favorable results. You can also store any toxic materials underwater to get rid of them and keep the colony safe in terms of hygiene

In order to set up your Duplicates with better breathing abilities and resilience, Diver’s Lungs, Naturally Robust and Iron Gut are qualities you should look for and invest in. In return, you can acquire good Duplicates with good construction and digging skills, or scientists that help you craft better medicine.

Lastly, when a Duplicate dies, you will be required to bury him. This is to prevent the Morb creatures who will continue to consume oxygen and lessen it up for your other precious Duplicates in the colony.

If you are interested in other aspects of the game then be sure to check out our guides on Biomes and Temperature Management. If you are having issues running the game on PC then you can check out different fixes for the game as well.

This marks the end of our Oxygen Not Included Beginner’s Guide.