Monday, February 26, 2024

Overwatch Mobile (Ace Force 2) Trademarked In EU And Canada

iOS and Android players can soon experience Overwatch Mobile in the west!


Tencent, a giant in the gaming industry, is gearing up to launch its ‘mobile Overwatch’ game, ACEFORCE 2, in the Western market. This move marks a significant expansion for the franchise, which until now, was exclusively available in Asian territories.

Recent developments have revealed that Tencent has filed a trademark for ACEFORCE 2 in Europe and Canada, complete with an official logo. While the original ACE FORCE game was never released outside of Asia, its sequel, ACEFORCE 2, is set to break new ground.

Ace Force 2, described as a multiplayer shooter game with anime-inspired graphics, is poised to become a strong competitor to similar games like Valorant Mobile. The game will feature 5v5 battles, with a visual style slightly reminiscent of Valorant, and unique characters that draw inspiration from Overwatch. These elements, combined with traditional weapons and defensive structures, are expected to set Ace Force 2 apart in the mobile gaming arena.

There’s a bit of uncertainty regarding the official title of the game – whether it will be ACE FORCE 2 or ACEFORCE2. The trademark filing suggests the latter, but an official confirmation is yet to be made.

The exact release date for ACEFORCE 2 has not been announced. Rumors gave it a late 2023 release but that time window came and went with no announcements. However, this new trademarks indicates that we might be getting closer to the game’s long-awaited global launch.

Ace Force 2 trademarked in the west.
Ace Force 2 (Overwatch Mobile) trademarked logo.
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