Now that the spooky Halloween season is here, Overwatch 2 has again started the Halloween Terror event. Although most of the skins in this event will require you to spend money, the Werewolf Winston Legendary skin can be earned without any money if you do as follows. It is not so difficult to get it for free, as you’ll come to find out soon.


How To Get Werewolf Winston Legendary Skin

Overwatch 2 players can earn the Werewolf Winston Legendary skin free by using “twitch drops.” Players will need to connect their twitch account to their accounts.

It is essential to note that the twitch drop event started on October 25th at 11 AM PST and will continue til November 6th11 AM PST. Overwatch 2 players will need to look out for Overwatch streams mentioned: “Drops enabled.” All you’ll have to do is watch the stream for about 2 hrs to get the Werewolf Winston spray and then watch the stream for an additional 4 hrs to get the Werewolf Winston Legendary skin in Overwatch 2.

After the players have earned the Werewolf Winston Legendary skin, they will be able to receive these awards by opening their twitch profile, going into inventory, and receiving their rewards. After redeeming these awards, players can use these skins in-game within 24hrs.

Note: Something which is great and overwatch 1 players must note is that they might have already earned the werewolf Winston skin even before overwatch 2 came out. So they should not worry about getting one because they have already earned these awards.

That is all for our Overwatch guide with tips on how to get Werewolf Winston Legendary Skin. For more on the game, also see Best Overwatch 2 Controller Settings and How to Claim Cursed Captain Reaper Skin.