Overwatch 2 is the latest from Blizzard Entertainment and even though many of us feel that it should have just been an update for Overwatch 1, we do indeed have a new game. At Blizzcon 2019 Blizzard announced the game and shared detailed about its heroes. There are some that are confirmed while others are still on the waiting list for an announcement.


But the information we do have shares a light on the majority of heroes we’ll get to see in Overwatch 2. Most of them are returning characters and Blizzard made is very clear that Overwatch 2 won’t release with a plethora of new heroes.

All Confirmed Overwatch 2 Heroes

Overwatch Hero Name  Class 
Tracer  DPS 
Reaper  DPS 
Soldier 76  DPS 
Symmetra  DPS 
McCree  DPS 
Hanzo  DPS 
Torb  DPS 
Junkrat  DPS 
Widow  DPS 
Mie  DPS 
Doomfist  DPS 
Ashe  DPS 
Bastian  DPS 
Sombra  DPS 
Brigitte  Support 
Mercy  Support 
Lucio  Support 
Baptiste  Support 
Moira  Support 
Ana  Support 
Zenyatta  Support 
Sigma  Tank 
Orisa  Tank 
Reinhardt  Tank 
Roadhog  Tank 
Zarya  Tank 
Wreckingball  Tank 
D.Va  Tank 
Winston  Tank 

 New Heroes For Overwatch 2

Echo  Support (Rumored) 
Sojourn  DPS (Rumored) 
Mauga (Rumored)  Tank (Rumored) 

Overwatch 2 is without a release date and don’t expect to hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett, and PC anytime soon. According to Blizzard, the studio is “going dark” on all things related to Overwatch 2. We won’t be getting details regarding Overwatch 2 heroes, abilities, maps, modes, and everything else. Still, there is plenty of we know about the game already such as all of your skins, rank, and XP will carry over to the new game. You will also be able to play with Overwatch 1 players in the same game modes, although some modes might be exclusive to OW2. So far only push has been announced but it isn’t clear if OW1 players will have access to it.