Outward: The Soroboreans DLC has a gameplay mechanic called corruption which is also a big part of the game’s lore. In this guide, we will discuss everything we know about the corruption mechanic from Outward: The Soroboreans.


Outward: The Soroboreans Curroption Effects, Gaining, and Reducing

There are two types of corruption in Outward: The Soroboreans. Corruption is both positive and negative and its benefits are for those who focus on Magic, especially those who frequently use the Decay spells.

Corruption Level and Effects

Corruption levels range between 0 to 100% and depending on the level the player gets a different effect:

  • Pure:  You need 0% corruption level to be Pure and free of all positive or negative effects.
  • Tainted: Required 25% curruption
  • Corrupted:  Required 50% curruption
  • Defiled: Required 75% corruption (Gives a chance for corruption spirit to spawn).
  • Defiled II: Required 100% corruption (grants 45 Raw Damage to the player, Inflicts Doomed, Haunted, and Extreme Poison. Grants 45 Physical Damage and 30 Impact Damage in an area of effect explosion but damage allies in its range).

How to Gain Corruption

To gain Corruption in Outward: The Soroboreans DLC there are a bunch of different steps you can follow. The easiest way to gain corruption is to stand in the Corrupted Zones. These zones are highlighted by green smoke and are only found in Antique Plateau. You can also consume Food and Potions that grant Corruption. Using certain types of Blood Sigil combinations give to corruption as well.


The final two ways of gaining corruption are to sleep in a Scourge Cocoon or get attacked by The Scourge, Wendigos, or any other corrupted enemies.

How to Reduce Corruption

There are multiple ways to reducer corruption in Outward: The Soroboreans DLC.

Innocence Potion: You can craft the innocence potion to reduce corruption. You need Thick Oil, Dark Stone, Boozu’s Milk, and the Purifying Quartz. Use all of these ingredients on the Alchemy Kit to get 3x Innocence Potion.

Sanctifier Potion: Crafting Sanctifier Potion also reduces corruption by 20%. You need Leyline Water, Purifying Quartz, Dreamer’s Root, and Occult Remains. Use the Alchemy kit to craft this potion.


Purity Potion:  The best option to reduce corruption in Outward: The Soroboreans is to use the Purity Potion. You use the Elemental Particle and Sanctifier Potion to craft the Purity Potion using the Alchemy Kit.

Cleanse Skill:  Head over to Ella Lockwell in Harmattan to learn the Cleanse skill which allows you to reduce corruption by 50%.



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