In Outriders Worldslayer you have a new set of skills in each class. Each class offers a certain advantage over the others. In this guide, Outriders Worldslayer PAX Tree Trickster Skill Guide, we will discuss how this will increase your damage, its special feature and skills

Outriders Worldslayer Trickster PAX Tree Skill Guide

Trickster is a class that is best in attack when close to the enemies. Trickster PAX tress is divided into two sub-classes, that are

  1. Spectre
  2. Exploiter

with each sub-class, you get a different set of skills that is useful in your gameplay depending on the choice of the player.


  • Damage: With this skill, the damage increases by 15% for five seconds.
  • Adaptation: This skill gives you 15% Anomaly power or firepower for five seconds depending on which of them is higher.
  • Reactive Shielding: Activating skills increase the damage mitigation by 5% for 6 seconds. It stacks up to three times.
  • Phasing: Grants you and your allies Shield, 15% to you and 10% to your allies.
  • Great Expanse: Increase the distance of your close-range attack by 2 meters.
      • Quantum Entanglement: This skill shares your weapon damage in close range by 10%.
  • Superposition: Increase your Damage Migitation against Elites by 20% for three seconds. This comes in effect during and after using the Movement skill.
      • Special tactics: Increase your damage against Elites by 4% for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 20 times and can happen once per second.
  • Harrowing: Resistance Piercing increases by 10%. Every enemy in close range increases the bonus by 2% up to 10%.
      • Spectral Spike: Every damage skill gets a 100% chance of additional damage equal to 15% of your Anomaly power. Consecutive hits on the enemy stacks result in more damage up to 750%. Cool down time is one second for Spectral Spike.


  • Triggerman: On cooldown, damage increases by 15%.
  • Cheap Shot: Enemy’s armour and their resistance decrease by 30% for 5 seconds upon using melee skill.
  • Fail-Safe Protocols:  You Get 50% shield and 20% Damage Migitation for 3 seconds if your health drops below 30%.
  • Lies, Deception: This skill gives you a 15% shield every second that lasts for 4 seconds. It affects Slow Trap, Venatir’s Knife and Time Rift.
  • Rigged Game: Increases critical damage by 10% for five seconds upon skills activation. It stacks up to 2 times.
      • Infinity Slinger: After using MOvement skill, side armour does not utilize ammo for 4 seconds. It affects Hunt the Prey and Borrowed Time.
  • Power Overwhelming: The firepower of an Assault weapon increases by 40%.
      • Perpetuum Trickery: Anomaly power for critical shots increased by 10%. Stacks up to 5 times. Also, Assault weapon damage raises to 50% for seven seconds upon activation of damage skills. It Affects Temporal Blade, Twisted Rounds and Cyclone Slice.

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