Outriders Worldslayer expansion has introduced the PAX Tree for each subclass in the game. There are two subclasses for each main class in the game and each subclass has its own unique PAX Tree Skills.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer PAX Skill Tree.

Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer PAX Tree

The following are the two subclasses for Technomancer.

  1. Desolator
  2. Overseer


Initial Striker: Increased Fire Power or Anomaly Power for 10% for 5s depending on which is higher.

Brain Dead: +15% damage boost when activating Decay or Gadget skills for 5s. Applies Blighted Rounds, Blighted Turret, Cryo Turret, Fixing Wave, Cold Snap.

Pain Killer: Damaging enemies give you 2% Health Regeneration for 3s.

Lethal Devices: Using Ordinance and Gadget skills inflict Toxic and +5% Anomaly Damage to enemies hit. Applies to Scrapnel, Pain Launcher, Cryo Turret, Tool of Destruction, Fixing Wabe, Cold Snap.

Permanence: Inflict Toxic to get a 100% chance of inflicting an additional random status effect.

  • Dissection: +5% damage on each status effect inflicted on enemies.

Necrotic Tissue: +20% Sniper Rifle damage against Elites.

  • Twin Reaper: Sniper shots have a 75% chance to create an echo that does 25% of the damage done by the shot.

Break Their Ranks: Interrupt Skills remove effect resistance from Elites. Applies to Pain Launcher, Tool of Destruction, Scarpnel.

  • Depleted Core: +100% Ordinance Skill damage. Applies to Pain Launcher, Tool of Destruction, Scrapnel.


Accelerator: Weapon damage increased by 100% of your weapon leach.

The Undying: Every 5% of missing HP boosts your Weapon Leach and Skill Leach by 5%.

Apothecary: Release healing pulses for allies that do 2% healing of all damage done between each pulse.

Purification Protocol: 25m pulse is released from turrets that removes the negative status effect from you and your allies.

  • Leadseeker: Turret Pulse recovers 30% ammo and gives 30 increased damage for 5s for you and your allies.

Hastened Influence: Reduce remaining cooldown for skill by 0.5s by every status effect removed or applied to enemies.

  • Burrowing Charge: Crit Shots inflict explosive charge for 5s dealing 250% Anomaly Damage.

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