In Outriders Worldslayer you have a new set of skills in each class. Each class offers a certain advantage over the others. In this guide, Outriders Worldslayer PAX Tree Pyromancer Skill Guide, we will discuss how this will increase your damage, its special feature and skills.

Outriders Worldslayer PAX Tree Pyromancer Skill Guide

If you look at the PAX tree in Outriders Worlslayer, two subclasses are given with the world slab DLC. Each outrider class gets two subclass trees and in the case of Pyromancer these two are:

  • Pyromaniac
  • Gunblazer

Pyromaniac Skills

Pyromaniac offers these skills and each skill gives you a specific ability that is discussed here:

  • Melting Point: When your health is above 80% this skill increases your resistance piercing by 15% and by 30% when below 40% health.
  • Scorched Flesh: When Ignite effect is activated it increases your status power by 10% for 5 seconds.  Also can stack up to three times.
  • Master Exploder: Explosive skill damage is increased by 100% of your Resistance Piercing.
  • Convection: Reduce all skill cooldowns by four seconds when all skills are on cool down.
  • Furnace: Increase your status power by 15% for every enemy afflicted burn, stacks up to five times.
      • Burnt Offerings: Increase your burnt duration by 500% and each consecutive burn tick on an enemy deals 10% more damage.
  • Backdraft: Your anomaly power increases by 30% for every cooldown.
      • Trigger Sequence: Activating the explosive skills increases the damage of the following explosive skill by 25%. The buff stacks up to three times at which it starts a new which means you get extra 75% damage.
  • Conduction: This one reduce your skill cooldown by 15%.
      • Arsonist: Activating skills have a 30% chance to reset all skills cooldowns with a 5-second cooldown.


This is the other subclass of pyromancer and comes with the following skills that are discussed here in detail. This will help you in choosing your class type.

  • Coming in Hot: Deals 15% more damage to enemies above 80% health and 30% more damage to enemies below 30% health.
  • Ashen Regalia: Killing marked enemies increases your damage mitigation by 7% for 6 seconds. This stacks up to 3 times.
  • Ashen Wake: Your shots damage all enemies afflicted with Ash within the four-meter radius of the target, dealing 30% of the damage dealt.
  • Hot Streak: Critical shots increase weapon damage by 6%, bonus lasts 4 seconds and stacks up to five times.
  • Carbonization: Enemies hit by your immobilize skills receive 20% more Anomaly Damage for 4 seconds.
      • Carbon Footprint: Each enemy that you hit by immobilize skills, reduce the cooldown of the other immobilize skill by 0.5 seconds.
  • Solar Flare: Activating skills increase your critical damage by 10% for 6 seconds. This stacks up to 2 times.
      • Critical Mass: Critical shots on marked enemies turn all shots to critical shots for 2 seconds.
  • Carbon Ammo: This skill increases your magazine capacity by 200%.
      • Bullet Frenzy: When you shoot with assault weapons, bullet frenzy increases your weapon damage by 3%. This effect stays as long as you are shooting.

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