The newly released Outriders Worldslayer DLC has brought additional features, a new endgame, and much more. One of the new systems in the game is PAX Tree which changes how the classes and skills work. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about PAX Tree System.

PAX Tree is a new progression system that brings subclasses to the mix. There are some limitations to it, but overall, players now have more build flexibility. You can customize your builds even more and mix and match classes.

Outriders Worldslayer PAX Tree System

First, look at the new subclasses added through the Worldslayer expansion. Each existing class in the game got two subclasses.

Classes  Subclasses 
Trickster  Specter, Exploiter 
Technomancer  Desolator, Overseer 
Pyromancer  Gunblazer, Pyromaniac 
Devastator  Wrecker, Tectonic Shifter 

PAX Trees for each class should be unlocked already if you have finished the main storyline for either Outriders or its expansion Worldslayer. The class tab in the menu gives you access to subclasses for your build.

These trees are upgraded via something called PAX Points. They are different from class points but are earned in a similar manner.

You simply need to play the game, complete the main Worldslayer storyline, do side quests, and events, and play the endgame to earn more PAX Points. You can do Hunts as well to earn points. Go to the class tab to spend your newly earned PAX Points to upgrade your subclass.

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