Outriders Worldslayer is the fresh new RPG on the block that has gained popularity for a specific audience that loves games that allow creative builds and customizations and plays around with their custom builds. With the Outriders Worldslayer expansion pack, a ton of new and exciting content was added to the game.

Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build

In the game, there are four main build classes that you can experiment with. These include Devastator, Technomancer, Trickster, and the Pyromancer. All these classes possess their respective strengths and weaknesses. Every build class has a distinct set of perks, items, and gadgets.

The specific build that we are concerned with in this guide is the eruption build for the Pyromancer class. As the name suggests, it deals with anything and everything related to fire. Its inferno ability enables it to unleash waves of hellish flames upon your enemies. The Pyromancer class will appeal to you if your gameplay technique is geared toward long-range combat. If you were not aware, the Eruption is a skill that is unique to the Pyromancer class. You shall soon discover why the development of this skill is deemed necessary.

The build we are looking for is an Anomaly Power build. This specific build needs two mods on its weapons. For them to work, these are Mage’s Rage and Fortress. Mage’s rage is more critical. Every time you score a critical hit, the Anomaly Power will be boosted by 10% for 15 seconds.

This can occur up to four times in a row; this mod buffs your damage. The Fortress is the other mod. It buffs the armor by 5%. And stacks up to three. When this mod reaches its maximum stack, the Buffs will be doubled. And 20% extra damage will be dealt with for the next 10 seconds.

As for your primary weapon, we recommend using The Legendary Submachine Gun Sunfall. It is a highly effective medium-range weapon. Furthermore, It Is also equipped with the Life Leech skill. Life Leech is An absolute lifesaver, and it prevents you from dying during a close-range fire with other players. The third perk that will aid in the eruption build is the Firestorm perk.

When activated, a firestorm descends on the enemy positions, which deals severe damage. On top of this damage, the Burn effect also deals long-lasting damage to the radius of the firestorm. As for your secondary weapon, our choice is the Roaring Umbra, which is a Legendary Light Machine Gun. It is very effective as a secondary weapon, due to its armor-piercing effect. This helps you in taking down enemies who have higher resistance to damage.

Another great mod is the Burning Bullets mod. It frequently appears in Roaring Umbra drops. The firestorm effect inflicts a burn effect on enemies for 8 seconds.

The final pieces of this puzzle are the armor sets, The Lava Lich set. It perfectly complements all the other mods. This is the reason why we shall be keeping this armor. Other perks of this armor are that it buffs the eruption skill damage by 100% and lowers the cooldown time by 30%.

Developing the skill tree of any particular build is one of the most important things you can do to upgrade them. For the Pyromancer class, it is most effective to concentrate your efforts on the Tempest Tree and focus all your resources on that particular skill tree. You may also want to take a look at Sub-class skills, which were recently introduced in the new expansion pack. They become available once the player reaches Level 30. The three most effective skills that are relevant to our particular build are:

Eruption is the primary skill our build focuses on; it is the skill that will be most frequently used. It works by creating a Volcanic Eruption underneath the enemy positions. This also damages enemies in a small radius and applies the burn effect.

The Ash Blast skill turns the Targeted enemies into ash. It also stuns and renders the enemy useless for a few seconds. Overheat is a combo skill that is most effective when inflicted with the Burn effect. If applied alone, this skill is not very effective and will deal less damage.

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