With the launch of the new Outriders Worldslayer developers have added the PAX Tree system. Each class in the game has received subclasses that come with their own unique skills and abilities.

Subclasses add another layer of customization to the mix. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the DevastatoHarvesterr Pax Tree skills.

Outriders Worldslayer Devastator PAX Skills Tree

The Devastator has two subclasses:

  • Tectonic Shifter
  • Wrecker

Tectonic Shifter

Puncture: Seismic Skills inflict Bleed and Bleeding enemies get 10% more damage from Anomaly attacks.

Impact Point: +30% Seismic and Kinetic skill damage. Additional damage is split between all enemies.

Obliteration: +6% increase in Anomaly Power and Resistance Power. Each enemy you damage will increase this bonus by 3% by up to 9% for 3s.

Earthern Shell: All damage done by skills is converted to shield.

Upheaval: Enemies damaged by Seismic Skills get Upheaved for 2s, storing 10% of damage received in this time. Applies to Impale, Tremor, and Earthquake.

  • Multistrike: 30% of the damage done through Seismic Skills is stored for your next Seismic Skill.

Richter Rising: Enemies that receive damage through Seismic and Kinetic skills within 4s receive 15% more damage for 4s. Applies to Earthquake, Impale, Gravity Leap, and Tremor.

  • Energy Transmission: Each enemy damaged by Kinetic skills increases Seismic Skill damage by 15%. Each enemy damaged by Seismic Skill reduced Kinetic Skill damage by 0.5s. Applies to Earthquake, Tremor, Impale, Gravity Leap, Endless Mass, Boulderdash.

Terms of Engagement: 60% of Kinetic Skill damage is stored for your next Kinetic Skill. Applies to Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, Endless Mass.

  • Momentum: Each enemy damaged by Kinetic Skill reduces cooldowns of other Kinetic Skills by 1-4s. Applies to Gravity Leap, Endless Mass, Boulderdash.


Hunting Season: 30% weapon damage boost and 50% magazine size increase.

Harvester: +10% weapon leach overall and an additional 2% for each enemy in the close range up to 10%.

Finishing Touch: Damage is increased based on the percentage of ammo missing from your magazine. Killing shots will restore 35% of your magazine.

Hardened: +5% Damage Mitigation and an additional 2% Damage Mitigation for every enemy in the close range up to 10%.

Armored Division: +20% Armored Piercing. -50% Kinetic Energy Cooldowns of Armor Piercing value. Applies to Boulderdash, Gravity Leap, Endless Mass.

  • Against Devastating Odds: Damage 3 or more enemies with Kinetic Skills to get a 30% increase in Armor Piercing for 4s. Damaging fewer enemies turns your shits into crits for 4s. Applies to Boulderdash, Endless Mass, and Gravity Leap.

Come One, Come All: Kinetic Skills remove Effect Resistance from Elites. Applies to Gravity Leap, Endless Mass, Boulderdash.

  • Elitism: -15% damage from Elites and +30% damage to Elites for 5s.

Strange Surgeon: Shots inflict Bleed and killing Bleeding enemies reduces Protection Skill cooldowns by 1.5s. Applies to Reflect Bullets, Golem.

  • Overwhelming Force: While the Protection skill is active, Seismic pulses are released that do damage equal to 40% of your Armor.

That’s everything you need to know about the Devastator PAX Tree Skills. Need more help? See PAX Tree System Explained, Destroyed Rift Town Journal Entries Locations.

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