In Outriders, players must choose their “Apocalypse Tier” to progress through the game. The benefit of the Apocalypse Tiers is that they let you get more loot. This guide will tell you how you can unlock the Apocalypse Tiers in Outriders Worldslayer.

Unlocking the Apocalypse Tiers in Outriders Worldslayer

In the world of MMOs, there is always something new to strive for, some higher level of power to attain. With the release of the Worldslayer, Apocalypse Online has taken this concept to a new level with the addition of 40 tiers of power. Players can now strive to build the ultimate character, equipped with the best imaginable gear.

Of course, reaching the highest Tier is no easy feat and will take much time and effort. However, it is well worth it for those looking to test their skills against the toughest challenges in the game. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey to Apocalypse Tier 40 today!

When playing Outriders, you’re automatically set to the highest available Apocalypse Tier. This gives you access to difficulty scaling and modifiers, making the game more challenging and rewarding. To access every new Apocalypse Tier, you must first complete the current one. In other words, unlocking Tier 5 requires completing Tier 4. However, keep in mind every new Tier brings new challenges and rewards.

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