The wait is over Outriders developers People Can Fly came up with the long-awaited Worldslayer expansion. This means that you now have new gear and weapons to farm, new missions and bosses to fight, and a brand new endgame.

A new type of gear called Apocalypse is introduced and you need to upgrade your gear. In this guide, I show how to farm Worldslayer Apocalypse Gear to bring your builds up to speed with the current meta.

How To Farm Apocalypse Gear

You can get the farm Apocalypse gear through the Trial of Tarya Gatar and beat the final boss.

  • Reach the Antechamber’s last checkpoint before the boss and try not to get killed, as there are only three attempts.
  • ┬áTake all the important gear with you and go towards the Father’s Sanctum for killing tankier Arbit.
  • After defeating the, go to the lobby from the menu. However, remember that out of three, you will utilize one of your attempts to do a dungeon.
  • Continue the game and reach the last checkpoint.
  • Repeat this process: kill the boss and go to the lobby.
  • Once all your attempts are finished, you must start from the gauntlet again.
  • If you can survive Tarya Gratar’s Trial, you’ll be rewarded with a wealth of fantastic loot, including Apocalypse gear.

That’s everything you need to know on how to farm apocalypse gear in Worldslayer. Need more help? See Technomancer PAX Tree Skills, Pyromancer PAX Tree Skills.

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