In Outriders Worldslayer there are different adventures and collectibles to complete the mission, Journals are one of them. There is a total of five locations where at each location you need to search the area for the journals. In this guide Outriders Worldslayer All Journal Locations, we will discuss everything you need to find all journal locations.

Outriders Worldslayer All Journal Locations

These are the locations where you will search for all the 17 journals in Outriders Worldslayer

  1. Driftwater Journal Entries
  2. Black Gulch Journal Entries
  3. Destroyed Rift Town Journal Entries
  4. Exiles Capital-Journal Entries
  5. Null Point Journal Entries

Driftwater Journal Entries Location

There are a total of five Journal entries at drift water, insurgent territory. The locations of all of them are given below:

Location #1 (Salvador’s Research)

This first journal is quite easy to find and it’s just to your right where you see a camp. Find the journal next to Dr Zahedi, on the table.

Location # 2 (Journal Of Village Head Ezekiel)

From the map move towards the Driftwater outskirts. Go straight up the wooden ramp where you will find the Journal of Village head under a metal cabin.

Location # 3 (Villager Journal)

Move out of the metal cabin after reading Ezekiel’s journal and follow the wooden path across the bridge towards the right. Take another right towards a huge room where you find the next journal.

Location # 4 (Journal Of An Insurgent Captain)

This journal is on the ground floor of the harbor inside a giant room placed on a metal net.

Location # 5 (Salacdor’s Unsent letter)

This last journal is on the way back to the outskirts of Driftwater. The location of the letter is near the river.

Black Gulch Journal Entries

A total of 4 journal entries are available in Insurgency territory.

Location #1 (Sewer Note)

Enter the sewer pipe towards your right. Follow the path and you will find the first journal entry to your first right of the sewer pipe.

Location #2 (ECA POW’S Journal)

This journal is on Death row. Locate this from the map where the journal is in a large enlightened room beside a fire barrel.

Location #3 (Prisoner’s Journal)

Activate the crane and move straight into the next area. The prisoner’s journal will be under a small wooden box.

Location #4 (Soldier’s Journal)

Move towards the black gulch quarry where your objective is to open the gate, before opening the gate head down to your left to find the journal.

Destroyed Rift Town Journal Entries Locations

There is a total of three journal locations at this point.

Location #1 (ECA Report On Defeating Hounds)

From your camp move down and follow the path. The journal will be beside two men standing close to the fire barrel.

The following two entries are only available on your second visit to the rift town zone

Location #2 (Soldier’s Journal)

Move towards the perimeter wall, and locate it from the map. From there move left of the barricade where the journal is near the metal stairs.

Location #3 (Torn Page From Shira’s Journal)

From the previous location move towards the right of the barricade where the journal will be down the stairs, on the table.

Exile Capital-Journal Entries locations

Location #1 (Ereshkigal’s Journal)

There is only one journal entry “Muddy Page Torn From Ereshkigal’s Journal”  that is in the plaza of Exiles. Move to the main entrance of the huge building where you will find the journal on the floor.

Null Point Journal Entries Locations

Four Journal entry locations are at the Null point

Location #1 (Salvador’s First Journal)

From your convoy location head straight up in the direction of a green flag, the journal will be towards the right under the brown flag.

Location #2 (Salvador’s Second Journal)

From the Null point search for the journal near the river beside some abandoned artifacts.

Location #3 (Salvador’s Third Journal 3)

From the second journal’s location move up and head towards a green flag. The third journal will be just ahead of it lying on the ground.

Location #4 (Salvador’s Fourth Journal 4)

Move up further towards your right where the last journal will be on a wooden bench.

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