Outriders have different classes and each class has its own set of mods that are strictly used with that class. However, there are some globally used mods as well. In this guide, we will discuss every Trickster Mod available in Outriders and its effects on your class.


Outriders Trickster Mods

Mod  Tier  Effect 
Additional Mag  1  Twisted Rounds skill remains active for 2 magazines. 
Anomalic Caliber  1  Twisted Rounds skill gives 30% Resistance Piercing Bonus. 
Anomaly Cut  1  Shots on enemies marked by Venator’s Knife get Anomaly damage. 
Apply Shield  1  +5% shield for killing enemies with Temporal Blade. 
Armor of Eons  1  Activate Borrowed Time to get 100% armor for 10s. 
Backstabber  1  When Hunt the Prey is active, you do additional damage to enemy you teleported behind. 
Big Range  1  Slow Trap increases Sphere range by 1m. 
Blue Blood  1  Get 10% Weapon Leech bonus when Twisted Rounds is active. 
Cut Loose  1  20% cooldown reduction for Temporal Blade. 
Damage Mitigation  1  Allies inside the Sphere take 20% less damage. 
Dance of Death  1  Reduces Hunt of Prey cooldown. 
Delivery on Time  1  Activate Slow Trap to replenish ammo for the current weapon of all allies. 
Double Stop  1  +100% duration for Temporal Blade’s paralysis effect. 
Duration  1  +5s to Cyclone Slice. 
Grand Bastion  1  Cyclone Slice reduces incoming weapon and Anomaly damage by 35%. 
No Escape  1  Venator’s Knife gets an increased effective range between targets by 25%. 
Healing Slice  1  Each enemy killed with Cyclone Slice gives 47 HP. 
Radiation Jump  1  Inflict Vulnerable to enemies using Hunt the Prey when you teleport behind. 
Sharpening  1  Increased damage with Venator’s Knife. 
Shield Evoker  1  Kill enemies with Cyclone Slice to get 5% Shield. 
Slasher  1  Activate Temporal Blade 1 additional time. 
Speed Boost  1  Allies within the Slow Trap Sphere will get 2% movement speed. 
Speed Up  1  +25% movement speed when Cyclone Slice is active. 
Strong Slice  1  Increase Temporal Blade Damage. 
Strong Twist  1  Twisted Rounds will increase Firepower by 15%. 
Thunder Dome  1  Get 100% shield when Slow Trap ends. 
Time Blast  1  Hunt the Prey will apply Slow to in a 5m radius. 
Time Crack  1  Enemies affected by Time Rift get 25% reduction in Armor and Resistance. 
Time-Space Protection  1  Get 30% armor and resistance when Borrowed Time is active. 
Twisted Fate  1  Get 30% cri damage when Twisted Rounds is active. 
Ultimate Big Range  1  Slow Trap will increase sphere range by 2m. 
Weakening The Prey  1  Hunt the Prey will interrupt and inflict Weakness to the enemy you teleport behind. 
Weakening Zone  1  Enemies inside the Slow Trap sphere get a Weakness status effect. 
Weaklings  1  Cyclone Slice inflicts Weakness on enemies. 
Pain Transfer  2  Time Rift damage is transferred from one enemy to another. 
Aggressive Teleportation  3  An explosion is created around you when reverting time. 
Ammo Bargain  3  When Twisted Rounds is active, enemy kills replenish 20% ammo. 
Death Shell  3  Kill enemies when Borrowed Time is active to reduce incoming weapon and Anomaly damage by 10% for 10s. 
Shield of the Fallen  3  Twisted Rounds skill adds 15% of your Max HP as Shield for every target you kill with the skill. 

Best Trickster Mods

The best Trickster mods depend on the type of builds you are trying to create. However, there are some general suggestions I can offer for a well-rounded build. Go with Additional Mag, Apply Shield, Cut Loose, Blue Blood, Dance of Death, and Double Stop.

And that’s everything you need to know about Trickster Mods in Outriders. Need more help? See Pyromancer Mods, Armor mods, weapon mods, chests locations, Devastator Builds, Technomamcer builds.