Outriders is a looter shooter at its core and while the basic mechanics are the same as other games of the same genre, there are some things that you might need to know about. In this Outriders beginner’s guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing the game.


Outriders Tips And Tricks

The following are the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Outriders:

Picking Your Class

There are 4 classes to choose from and each one has its unique abilities. The Devastator is a tank class that can melee enemies in the face and applies bleed effects. The Pyromancer sets units on fire. It can deal a lot of damage but has a complicated healing mechanic.

Outriders Tips

The Trickster is a ninja that can manipulate time. It can slow down time to trap enemies and can even teleport around the map. The Trickster is the only class in Outriders that can generate a shield to boost health. The Technomancer can summon turrets and other weapons from thin air. This is the only class in the game that has a healing ability. The class can also freeze and poison enemies.

One of our tips here is that if you are new to Outriders or the looter shooter genre then you should pick the Technomancer as it has very good survivability and plenty of cool tricks that you can use to your advantage.

How Does Healing Work In Outriders?

Other than the Technomancer, none of the classes in the game has a healing ability. You cannot use spells or potions in order to heal either. So how do you heal in Outriders? You need to kill enemies in a certain way in order to top up your HP.

The Devastator gains health when you kill an enemy up close. The same is the case for the Trickster but this class also gains a shield. The Pyromancer gains health when a marked enemy is killed by the Pyromancer or an ally. You can mark enemies by using skills or melee.

As mentioned before, the Technomancer has a healing ability and it is going to heal when it does damage. So the more damage you deal with this class, the more you are going to heal. One of our tips here is that if you are new to Outriders or the looter shooter genre then you should pick the Technomancer as the healing mechanic is the easiest.

Use The Outriders Auto Loot Feature

You will find the auto-loot option in the gameplay options in the settings menu. You can select the rarity of the items that you pick up from the auto loot feature. You can set this to common early on in the game and once you have higher level gear and unique items, you can set this to rare.

What this does is loot everything in the area with the press of a button. It is set to rare by default. The range of this feature is very impressive indeed and it will ensure that you do not miss any loot.

This also means that if you are playing with friends, only a single member of the party needs to open a chest. Once the chest is open, the other members can press the auto loot button and get the loot without having to walk all the way to the chest. The same goes for resources as well.

By any chance, if your inventory is full then the items that you pick up via the auto loot feature will go to the stash instead. If the stash is full as well then the items will be scrapped. So you will need to have an empty stash in order to take advantage of the feature even if you do not have space in your inventory. This is one of the Outriders tips that will make the grind faster.

What To Do With Excess Loot?

You can sell green loot as it does not have any perks for your perk library. We recommend dismantling blue items as they have perks and when you dismantle them the perks will be added to the perks library. Later on, you can pick a perk from the library and use it on another item. This is something that Division players will be familiar with.

It is worth mentioning that once you have changed one of the perks, you cannot change the other one. So you will need to choose one over the other.

Use Mods Rather Than Upgrades Early On

Upgrading your gear and increasing the rarity are going to cost you a lot of resources. We do not recommend doing this early on. You should only do it once you are in the end-game.

Outriders Tips

You can however use powerful mods. Using mods is much cheaper. You can check out our best armor mods guide for more information. This is one of the Outriders tips that will help you save resources and progress the game efficiently.

Running Melee Attacks Vs Standing Still

If you use your melee when standing still then you will damage the enemies in front of you but if you use the melee attack while running then there is an area of effect and you will damage all the enemies in a small radius around you.

How To Get Specific Weapon Types And Increase Damage

Outriders has nodes that you can use to increase the damage of different weapon types. If you like using Shotguns then you can use the Shotgun master node in order to increase the damage of shotguns.

This is also going to increase the drop rate of these weapons. So using the shotgun node is not only going to increase the damage of your shotguns but is also going to increase the drop rate of shotguns as well.

Cancel Enemy Abilities

You can cancel the abilities of enemies by using abilities of your own. If you do not have an ability available then you can stay close to the enemy and use your melee attack for the same effect.

We recommend saving your abilities until higher power enemies or bosses use their abilities so that you can cancel them. This is going to make moss fights much easier. It is worth noting that if the enemy is affected by too many status effects then resistance will come into effect and the cancellation will not work.

It is also worth mentioning that not all abilities can be canceled. The majority of the abilities that can be canceled include the area of effect abilities and healing. These are the ones that you should look out for in order to take out the boss faster.

These are all the Outriders tips and tricks that we have for you. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can earn class points. For more content related to the game, you can check out our Outriders guides hub.