Once you are done with the Arrival main quest you are thrown into the second prologue quest called “Tempest.” It is pretty much another tutorial quest that is basic and easy to complete. Below you will find a complete walkthrough for Outriders Tempest quest.


Outriders Tempest Quest Walkthrough

You need only 1 character level to successfully complete this quest. Your first objective is to locate the second probe and kill the creatures you encounter. Simply follow the waypoint into the forest until you reach the second probe. During this quest will learn about dodging mechanics of Outriders.

Your second objective will be to find your way back to the Outriders’ trucks. However, as you try to go back you will be attacked. Watch out for the red zones to avoid taking damage. Fight the enemies along the way to reach Maxwell and then kill him to complete this quest. There are no rewards for this one but it will start Carnage quest which is the final prologue mission in Outriders.