Technomancer is one of the classes in Outriders. Just like Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator, you can customize your Technomancer builds using mods. Mods are passive skills used to enhance your weapons and armor. In this guide, we will go through all Technomancer mods available in Outriders.


Outriders Technomancer Mods

The following are all Technomancer mods and their effects.

Mod  Tier  Effect 
Advanced Rockets  1  Every rocket from Pain Launcher does more damage. 
Armor Reduction  1  Blighted Turret reduces the armor of each target it hits by 20%.  
Bang for Your Buck  1  Tool of Destruction gives 100% base ammo increase. 
Better Parts  1  Blighted Turret duration increased by 50%. 
Bonus Duration  1  Cryo Turret’s duration increased by 30%. 
Cleansing Wind  1  Fixing Wave removes negative statuses from teammates and gives 5s immunity. 
Cold Purification  1  Cold Snap removes negative statuses from you and all teammates in range and gives negative effect immunity for 5s. 
Critical Analysis  1  Blighted Rounds increase crit damage by 30%. 
Demolition Man  1  Each Tool of Destruction rocket does more damage. 
Feedback  1  When Tool of Destruction ends, 3% of the damage dealt with minigun heals. 
Fine-Tuned  1  Scrapnel is going to increase detection and explosion radius by 33%. 
Fortify  1  Tool of Destruction gives 18K armor bonus. 
Freeze Barrage  1  Pain Launcher rocket explosion inflicts Freeze. 
Hail Shot  1  Cryo Turret does more damage depending on your status power. 
Ice Component  1  Blighted Turret inflicts Freeze. 
Ice Pack  1  Cryo Turret heals allies by 30% max HP inside a 4m radius when the skill ends. 
Increase Damage  1  Cryo Turret does more damage. 
Initial Blast  1  Pain Launcher explosion does more damage within a 5m radius. 
More Damage  1  Scrapnel does more damage. 
More Traps  1  Scrapnel can drop 1 additional mine. 
No Pain, No Gain  1  When Blighted Rounds skill ends, 40% of damage dealt turns into heal. 
Portable Armory  1  Tool of Destruction can be used 1 more time. 
Rain of Pain  1  34% Cooldown reduction for Pain Launcher. 
Spare Mag  1  Blighted Rounds get 1 additional mag. 
Supplies  1  Scapnel can drop 1 additional mine. 
Surprise  1  Cryo Turret explodes and does damage with 6m when skill ends. 
Trick up the Sleeve  1  Blighted Rounds give 30% extra ammo in your mag on kill shots. 
Untouchable  1  Tool of Destruction gives 15% Resistance Bonus. 
Breath In  3  Fixing Wave gets 20% cooldown reduction. 
Cannonade  3  Pain Launcher gets 10 additional rockets. 
Quartermaster  3  Fixing Wave replenishes one weapon mag for each ally. 
Rocket Man  3  Tool of Destruction gets 3 additional rockets. 
Trap Cluster  3  2x more mines. 

Best Technomancer Mods

Best Technomancer mods are subjective, it depends on your build but if you are looking for a well-rounded character build, there are some tips I can offer. The best Technomancer Mods are Advanced Rockets, Armor Reduction, Trap Cluster, Bang for Your Buck, Fortify, and Cold Purification.

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