In Outriders, you can use a range of different status effects. In this guide, you will find all the information you need to understand how status effects work in Outriders. We will also discuss how status immunity works in the game.


Outriders Status Effects Explained

Status Effects are temporary negative effects used against enemies in Outriders. They are similar to a debuff and enemies have access to them as well. However, you can use status immunity mods to protect yourself from status effects. You can cast status effects using weapon mods, class skills, and armor mods. In total, there are 8 status effects in Outriders:

  1. Ash: Enemies are immobilized and can’t perform any actions.
  2. Bleed: Enemies receive damage over time.
  3. Burn: Enemies receive fire damage over time.
  4. Freeze: Enemies are immobilized and can’t perform any actions.
  5. Slow: Enemies are slowed down.
  6. Toxic: Enemies receive toxic damage over time.
  7. Vulnerable: Enemies get more damage from all sources.
  8. Weakness: Enemies can’t damage you as much.

Both Ash and Burn status effects are best for crowd control. Freeze is also for this purpose. Meanwhile, use Bleed and Toxic are perfect for increasing your damage output. Dealing damage over time is most effective when using Burn as it does the most damage.

Status Immunity

Some enemies, like Elites, have status immunity skills which means you won’t be able to cast status effects on them. Also, you won’t be able to interrupt their attacks while their status immunity skill is active. When the enemy has a blue aura around them, it is an indication that they immune.

And that’s everything you need to know about Status Effects. Need more help? See Collector quests, Pyromancer Mods, Trickster Mods, Crafting, Legendary Weapons, Chests Locations.