Farming scraps in Outriders is easier than you think. Scarp is the currency of Outriders, and you can obtain it in several ways. Scrap is basically the screws and bolts of good quality. You can use these to buy wares and are dropped from enemies, retrieved from chests, and items that you sell. This is a guide to help you completely understand Scraps in Outriders.


Farming Scraps Fast in Outriders

Here we are going to talk about how to farm scrap fast. Using this method, you can get a good amount of scrap fast and easily. It also gives you a chance to obtain a Legendary Chest. So, all you have to do is open three random chests, and then rotate between them and reset them, and open them again. This is the simplest method we found out to help you gain more scrap.

If you follow this method, you won’t probably get scrap from each of the chests, but you will get gear, and you can dismantle the gear to get scrap. So, as long as you have got gear coming in, you can always gain scraps from dismantling your gear. This is a detailed description of how this method works:

  1. You need to make sure that you are playing on a high world tier, or you will not get good gear, which rewards good scrap upon dismantling or selling them to vendors. So, try this method in the world where you are on a high enough tier to get good gear from chests.
  2. After completing the main story in Outriders, you will have to go to the spot from where you can go to another city.
  3. Once here, open options and select Return to Lobby.
  4. From Lobby, select the Story Point.
  5. When in the Story point, choose Rift Town, and confront the Altered at the tower.
  6. Now, confirm the story point and click Continue game.

Now, as soon as you are in the game, move forward to the first room and go up the stairs, and you will see a pipe. Now, you got to go right, and then again in the right direction. This is where you will find your first chest box.

Now, return to where you started and exit the building. After doing so, you will see another chest in front of you. This is the second chest. Now, turn right and go down the hill. You will see a small entrance after a while covered with water. You need to go on the other side of this entrance, and you will have your third chest.

After looting all three chests, return to Lobby, and go back again and repeat all the above steps, but always remember to confirm your story point, so the chests reset every time you go in the game.