Outriders Scrap Farming Guide: Tips and Tricks

outriders scrap farming

The main currency in Outriders is called Scraps and it is used to buy new items and upgrades. Considering its utility, you probably want to get your hands on as much of it as possible. The good thing is that there multiple ways to get more Scrap in Outriders. In this guide, we will discuss all the ways you farm scrap in Outriders.

Outriders Scrap Farming

There are three ways to earn more scrap in Outriders, you can sell unwanted items to different vendors, complete quests, loot chests, and kill enemies.

Killing enemies will get you very little scrap so the best way is to complete quests and sell unwanted loot to vendors. Each quest in the game nets you a certain amount of scrap.

Side quests especially are a great way to farm scrap in Outriders. Moreover, you can go on hunts and wanted quests to further fill your scrap bag in Outriders.

As you move through the open world, you will find enemies that drop scrap and although it is usually a small amount, it is still worth clearing areas to get scrap. Enemies not only drop scrap, they also drop loot, and most of the time this loot won’t be useful to you so sell them to vendors.

Keep in mind that selling all of your unwanted loot for scraps isn’t a great idea. Dismantling unwanted weapons and armor gets you valuable resources such as Iron, Leather, Titanium.

And that’s everything you need to know about scrap farming in Outriders. Need more help? See how to delete characters, how to respec, how to farm tier 3 mods, Pyromancer mods, Devastator mods.

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