There are a ton of mods in Outriders for character classes, weapons, and armor. Mods are passive skills used in crafting and often times allow you to alter how your abilities work. Some mods are class-specific while others can be globally used for different classes and weapons. Meanwhile, Armor mods are strictly class-specific. In this guide, we will go through the Pyromancer Mods in Outriders.


Outriders Pyromancer Mods

Mods have three tiers and you can disassemble an item with a particular mod to unlock it. The following are all Pyromancer Mods available in the game.

Mod  Tier  Effect 
Anomaly Hunger  1  Feed the Flames skill damage increased depending on the value of your Skill Leech. 
Armor Melting  1  Volcanic Rounds decrease the enemy’s armor by 20% for a total of 10 seconds. 
Big Boom  1  Thermal Bomb explosion radius increased by 20%. 
Ash Grasp  1  Thermal Bombs inflict Ash on targets within a 5m AOE of an enemy about to explode. 
Blacksmith  1  Status conditions consumed by Overheat give you 46 armor bonus for 8s. 
Burning Ground  1  Enemies killed with a Thermal Bomb leave behind a path of burning ground that does damage within its AOE for 10s. 
Bullet Absorption  1  Feed the Flames recovers 20% ammo for every enemy affected by the skill. 
Burn Out  1  Heatwave does 38% more damage for 8s. 
Ember Shield  1  Status conditions consumed by the skill increase Resistance by 10% for 10s. The effect can stack 5 times. 
Cinders  1  Overheat will consume Ash instead of Burn. 
Empowerment  1  Increase Ash Blash damage. 
ETNA  1  Eruption can be used 1 additional time. 
Extra Mag  1  One additional magazine of Volcanic Rounds. 
Extinguisher  1  Ash Blast does additional damage to enemies affected by Burn and consumes status. 
Fire Eater  1  Feed the Flames increases health drain efficiency by 15% against enemies affected by Burn. 
Final Breath  1  Feed the Flames health drain is increased by 25%. 
Fire Frenzy  1  Use Thermal Bomb 1 additional time. 
Heat Leech  1  Skill Leech increased by 10% for 5s after using Heatwave. 
Hellfire  1  Use Heatwave to damage 3 enemies, and all nearby enemies will get 25 additional damage. 
Inferno Wave  1  Increase Heatwave damage. 
Irradiation Wave  1  Heatwave inflicts Weakness. 
Lasting Fire  1  Increase the time in which Thermal Bomb kills an affected target will cause an explosive by 3s.  
Pants on Fire  1  Enemies damaged by Heatwave take 46 additional damage, but didn’t have their status consumed. 
Nova  1  Feed the Flames range increased by 100%. 
Pheonix Force  1  Get +25 Anomaly Power with Overheat per status consumed for 8s. The effect stack 8 times. 
Pompeii  1  Eruption can be used 1 additional time. 
Pure Power  1  Faser Beam damage increased. 
Radiation Flames  1  Volcanic Rounds inflict Weakness. 
Reload Boost  1  After Volcanic Rounds end, 50% Weapon Power bonus is granted for 5s. 
Ride the Wave  1  Heatwave can be used 1 additional time. 
Sunburnt  1  Overheat does more damage to enemies that had their status consumed by it. 
Third Degree  1  Enemies damaged by Overheat take 25% mode weapon damage for 8s. 
Tidal Wave  1  Heatwave can be used 1 additional time. 
True Blast  1  Increased Thermal Bomb explosion damage. 
Volcanic Armor  1  Faser Beam reduces enemy Anomaly Damage by 25% and Weapon Damage by 25%. 
Wide Grip  1  Feed the Flames can now absorb one more target. 
Wildfire  1  Thermal Bomb inflicts Burn of all enemies. 
Ashes and Leeches  3  Ash Blast increased Weapon Leech. 
Branded  3  Enemies affected by the Thermal Bomb take 40% more damage. 
Death Sentence  3  Enemies affected by Ash Blast take increased weapons and Anomaly damage. 
Detonator  3  Overheat cooldown reduced by 50%. 
Double Fun  3  Thermal Bomb can affect two enemies. 
Flame Grasper  3  Feed the Flames absorb two more enemies. 
Power Assimilation  3  Anomaly Damage increased depending on each Elite present in the area. 
Susceptibility  3  Volcanic Rounds decrease enemy’s resistance. 

Best Pyromancer Mods

The best Pyromancer mods depend on the type of build you are trying to make. For example, if you are going with the Fire Witch build, you should use ETNA, Feed the Flames, and Pompeii. If you’re working on well-rounded Pyromancer builds, the best mods for you are Pure Power, Ride the Wave, Third Degree, and Faser Beam. In any case, the best Pyromancer mods are subjective to your playstyle.

And that’s all there is to know about Pyromancer mods in Outriders. Need more help? See Technomancer builds, side quests, how to earn class points, how to interrupt attacks and skills, how to dismantle.