Although Outriders is a looter shooter and mainly focuses on builds, weapons, and armor, that doesn’t mean there is no lore there for the story lovers. Outriders has a complete story mode filled with quests, side quests, Wanted quests, Collector quests, and more. Moreover, you can collect something called Journal Entires to get more information about the game’s characters, world, and hidden secrets. Outriders Journal Entries are found at multiple locations such as the First City. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on where to find all Outriders Journal Entries in First City.


Outriders First City Journal Entries Locations

In the First City, you can find 18 Journal Entries. Some of the Journal Entries are easy to find while others are locked behind main and side quests. You can also get some Journal Entries from random NPCs you speak to in Outriders.

Journal Location #1

Locate the dead body in the Outskirts, near the Exile Territory Sign. Loot the body to get the Journal Entry.

Journal location #2

Another Journal Entry can be found on a body at Anomaly Hilltop.

Journal Location #3

Go to Boglands and find the Journal Entry beside the big red and white building. This one is also on a dead body.

Journal Location #4

Go inside the same red and white building at Boglands and turn left. The Journal Entry is on the ground.

Journal Location #5

Go to Footbridge and walk along the pathway near the sewer water. Find the dead body in this area and loot it to get the Journal Entry.

Journal Location #6

At Gallows there is a house with dead bodies on the roof. Go inside to find the next Journal Entry.

Journal Location #7

At Gallows, the house with the dead bodies on the roof has another Journal Entry inside a large hole.

Journal Location #8

Go to Main Street and on the side of Maxwell Bridge, you should see a set of stairs. Head up the stairs to find an entry on a dead body.

Journal Location #9

There is a dead body on the left side of the Maxwell Bridge. Loot it to get the entry.

Journal Location #10

Inside the house at Old Man’s Hut, past the wreckage.

Journal Location #11

Below the body hanging from the Hangman’s Tree.

Journal Location #12

Search the orange container at the Container Plaza.

Journal Location #13

Cross the bridge at the Container Plaza and turn right to find a dead body hidden behind a container. Loot the body to get the Journal Entry.

Journal Location #14

From the Maxwell Bridge stairs, turn left twice and go straight.

Journal Location #15 and #16

From the last Journal, use the stairs nearby to go down and open the door to find a Journal. There is another Journal in the same area, go straight from the door to find it.

Journal Location #17

Go to the City Center and go downstairs from the red and white container. Take two rights and use the stairs on your left. Go up the stairs and turn right.

Journal Location #18

Play the main story.

And that’s the complete list of First City Journal Entries locations in Outriders. Need more help? See Chests locations, Side Quests, Wanted Quests, Collector Quests, Earthly Artifacts locations.

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