One of the side activities you can complete in Outrides is collecting Earthly Artifacts for Madame Beauvoir. Her goal is the preservation of artifacts from Earth. There is a handful of them in the game. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all Earthly Artifacts locations in Outriders.


Outriders Earthly Artifacts Locations

Earthly Artifacts are part of the Collector quests. They are pretty simple to find, all you have to do is visit locations, fight off enemies and take the artifact for Madame Beauvoir.

Earthly Artifact Location #1

Go through the door to River Basin near the wounded soldier at the Crossroads. Kill all enemies in the area and go to the next area where you will kill more enemies. Take the artifact from the top of the collapsed floor. There is also a Holographic Disk inside a container nearby.

Earthly Artifact Location #2

Go straight from the Volcano Peak Fast Travel point. Reach the blue rocks and clear the enemies and kill the Vanguard Captain. Go up the pathway and take the artifact from atop the container.

Earthly Artifact Location #3

Go right from the Forestry Track fast travel point and then go straight. From the rock in the middle turn left and move toward the blue fences. You will reach a camp where you must clear all enemies and take the artifact from the house.

Earthly Artifact Location #4

From the Outpost Gate fast travel point go south outside the gate. Now turn right toward the wooden walkway and cross it to reach the next area. Kill all enemies in the area and take the artifact from the ruins.

Earthly Artifact Location #5

Head south from the Camp and find a fallen tree trunk. Lift the Trunk to access the next area. Kill all enemies and pick up the artifacts from the ground.

Earthly Artifact Location #6

Head east from the Ribcage Ravine and locate a ledge. Kill all enemies in the area and inside the Monster Nest. Pick up the artifact from the body.

We will update the locations of the artifacts as we find more. Until then, visit Wanted Quests, side quests, Pyromancer Builds, Technomancer Builds, Trickstar Mods, Devastator Mods.