At various locations in Outriders, you will find Journal entries that help you understand the game’s lore, characters, and enemies. Some of the Journal Entries are locked behind main and side quest while others can be picked up from random NPCs you meet. In this guide, we will discuss the locations of all Eagle Peaks Journal Entries in Outriders.


Outriders Eagle Peaks Journal Locations

In total, there are 10 Journal locations in Eagle Peaks.

Journal Location #1

Found during the Inferno quest when you go past the trucks and tents from the spawn location. Pick up the Journal sitting on the boxes.

Journal Location #2

During the Frequency quest, you can find this Journal at Volcano Vent when you go left and up the stairs on the right. Loot the dead body for it.

Journal Location #3

From the spawn location of the Snowy Plateau, turn right and follow the only available path. Loot the dead body at the end of it.

Journal Location #4

Go to Bunker Peak and follow the path behind you from the spawn location. Go through the door and turn right. Take the Journal from the table.

Journal Location #5

Go to the Radio Tower Antenna and go up the wooden stairs. Go to the end of the hall and turn right.

Journal Location #6

There is one more Journal in Radio Journal Antenna. Enter the tower and head straight, turn right to find the Journal.

Journal Location #7

Go to the Underground Lab and access the water from the spawn location. Go left and then right.

Journal Location #8

Inside the Underground Lab, near the Vertical Tanker.

Journal Location #9

Inside the Underground Lab near some arcade machines.

Journal Location #10

Inside the Underground Lab and cross the bridge that leads to a hallway.

And that’s the complete list of Eagle Peaks Journal Locations in Outriders. Need more help? See First City Journals, Chests locations, Earthly Artifacts locations, Collector quests, Side Quests, Devastator Mods, best farming build.