Outriders allows players to customize their characters to suit their play style. In this Outriders guide, we will help players with the best Destroyer Build for the Technomancer class so that players can deal a high amount of damage.


Outriders Best Destroyer Build For Technomancer

This particular Technomancer build focuses on only one thing, deal as much damage as it can. The destroyer build allows increases weapons damage mixed with decay skills. This is the ultimate damage build for the Technomancer class. The following are the skills and Class Nodes or Talents required for the Outriders Destroyer Build for Technomancer class.

Best Skills

Having the right skills is necessary for any build in Outriders. Since we are targeting a build that deals a high amount of damage, we have to choose skills that support such a build. The following are the best skills for the Destroyer Build for Technomancer Class in Outriders.

Blighted Rounds
Using this skill fills the currently equipped weapon with decay-infused bullets that inflict Toxic. Enemies close to the target will also receive Toxic and 50% damage. This skill lasts until players reload or switch weapons.

Tool of Destruction
Use this skill to equip a rocket Launcher that deals damage and can interrupt enemies. Hold the skill button to equip a minigun. The skill remains active until ammo is depleted or the player switches weapons. This skill helps players a lot, especially against tough enemies.

Blighted Turret
Use this skill to place an automated turret that deals damage and inflicts Toxic. Turret’s health deteriorates over time or when it takes damage.

The turret can be really useful in combat as enemies will make it their priority to destroy it and players can use Turret to deal damage and as a distraction.

Best Class Nodes

Class Nodes or talents are the main thing that’ll make this Outriders Destroyer build for Technomancer class a reality. This build relies a lot on the ‘Br/8 Impact Amplifier’ node. Follow this link to see a visual representation of all the Class Nodes that players need to unlock with Class Points in Outriders. The following are the major class Nodes that players will be unlocking.

  • Br/8 Impact Amplifier – Increase your Weapon Damage by 8%
  • Nitrogen Capsules – Decrease the distance considered to be Long Range by 3 meters.
  • Sniper Master – Increase your sniper weapon damage by 40%, Sniper weapons will drop 12% more often, Sniper weapons: Marksman Rifle, Automatic Sniper Rifle, and Bolt Action Rifle.
  • Assault Master – Increase your assault weapon damage by 20%, Increase assault weapon drop chance by 12%, Assault weapons: Assault Rifle, Light Machinegun, Submachine Gun, and Double Gun.
  • Two Sides of the Power – Increase damage received from all sources by 15% and dealth by 20%.
  • Grand Amplification – Increase your Anomaly Power by 4% each unlocked Br/8 Impact Amplifier class node.
  • UT-14 Clips – Increase magazine size by 50%.
  • Empowering Antenna – Activating DECAY increases Weapon Damage for you and your allies by 40% for 10 seconds.


Now that players know what skills and Class Nodes they need to for the Outriders Destroyer Build For Technomancer Class, let’s take a look at the stats.

  • Armor Piercing – 20%
  • Damage – 20%
  • Damage (Against Toxic’ed) – 10%
  • Damage Taken – 15%
  • Drop Rate (Assault) – 20%
  • Drop Rate (Sniper) – 20%
  • Magazine Size – 50%
  • Skill Cooldown (Decay) – 15%
  • Skill Leech – 15%
  • Toxic Duration – 30%
  • Weapon Damage – 24%
  • Weapon Damage (Assault) – 32%
  • Weapon Damage (Long Range) – 45%
  • Weapon Damage (Sniper) – 20%
  • Weapon Leech – 20%

That is all for our Outriders Best Destroyer Build For Technomancer Class Guide. For more on the game, also see Best Healing Build For Technomancer and Best Farming Build For Technomancer.

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