While there are different ways to get powerful gear in Outriders, Crafting allows us to improve the most basic type of gear or further improve an already awesome piece of gear. The entire system is pretty simple to understand and there aren’t over two dozen of Crafting Materials to find. In this Outriders guide, we’ve explained the Crafting System in great detail, farming materials, and some general tips and tricks.


Outriders Crafting Tips and Tricks

To get started with Crafting in Outriders, we need to speak to Zahedi at the camp. By using the Crafting Menu, we’ll be able to do quite a lot of things with our gear:

  1. Increase Rarity
  2. Increase Attributes
  3. Swap Mods
  4. Change Weapon Variant
  5. Upgrade

Let’s talk about these things one by one:

Increase Rarity

This one is pretty simple. It allows us to increase the rarity of an item all the way to Epic. Increasing the rarity of a Common or Unusual item requires Iron or Leather and improving the rarity of a Rare item requires Titanium. The increased attributes acquired from increasing rarity are entirely RNG-based. However, we’re asked to select one of three randomly selected Mods when jumping to Epic.

Increase Attributes

This is strictly to increase the attributes on an item without altering it in any other way. Doing this requires Anomaly Shards which continues to increase with each consequent upgrade – we can increase an attribute a maximum of six times. Dismantling an item with increased attributes refunds a small number of Anomaly Shards invested in it.

Swap Mods

Next up, we’ve got the ability to swap Mods on a piece of gear. This one is also pretty simple. We collect Mods by dismantling items. These can then be placed onto a piece of gear, allowing us to acquire unique combinations of Mods that may not be available anywhere else. However, we must remember that only a single Mod slot can be altered – the other becomes permanently unavailable. The available Mod slot can be changed as many times as we desire. Another important thing to keep in mind is that Mods don’t stack so having two Mods on a piece of gear won’t work.

Change Weapon Variant

As we progress through the game and unlock Hero Levels, we unlock new Weapon Variants. Outriders allows us to change our Weapon Variant whenever we desire. The cost of doing so depends on the level of the weapon that we wish to change the variant of.


Lastly, we can use the Crafting System in the game to upgrade an item. Upgrading a Rare item requires Leather or Iron and upgrading an Epic or Legendary item requires Titanium. By upgrading an item, we can increase parameters like Armor, Firepower and also get improved attributes. This becomes particularly important when we move toward Challenge Tiers.

Crafting Materials Farming

As mentioned before, Crafting Materials are needed for every type of Crafting in the game. These are Leather, Iron, Titanium, and Anomaly Shards. As we progress through the game, we continue to accumulate these in large quantities but for a general rundown, here’s how these items are obtained:

  1. Leather – Killing animals, dismantling armor
  2. Iron – Mining ore veins, dismantling weapons
  3. Titanium – Mining ore veins, drops from challenging enemies, dismantling Epic/Legendaries
  4. Anomaly Shards – Dismantling anything

That’s all we’ve got in our Outriders Crafting guide. Feel free to check out our detailed Outriders wiki guides for more help on the game.