If you want a break from Outriders side and main quests, you can dive into some collector quests. These quests are brief but can help you get additional items and resources as well as XP. Below you will find the complete walkthrough for Outriders Collector quests.


Outriders Collector Quests Walkthrough

The following are the Collector quests available in the game.

  • Historian – Everlasting
  • Historian – Inspiration
  • Historian – Timeless
  • Historian – Vision
  • Historian – Roots
  • Historian – Memories
  • Historian – Survival

Historian – Everlasting

Prerequisites: Carnage

How to Complete: Madame Beauvoir is trying to preserve some artifacts from Earth. Enter the door to River Basin near the injured soldier at the Crossroads. Clear the enemies and go to the next area. Clear the next area and pick up an artifact from the top of the collapsed floor. Also, loot the container to get the Holographic Disk. Bring the Artifact back to Madame Beauvoir.

Historian – Inspiration

Prerequisites: Reunion

How to Complete: Head straight from the Footbridge fast travel point, up the platform leading to the Power Plant. Enter the door to start this quest. Clear the Power Plant as you approach the set of ramps. Go inside the wreckage to pick up the artifact.

Historian – Timeless

Prerequisites: Salvation

How to Complete: From the Volcano Peak Fast Travel point go straight to the blue rocks. Clear the enemies and a Vanguard Captain. Go up the pathway and pick up the artifact from the top of the containers.

Historian – Vision

Prerequisites: Reach Deadrock Pass after completing Frequency Main Quest.

How to Complete: Turn right from the Forestry Track fast travel point and then head straight. Turn left from the rock in the middle and go toward the blue fences. When you reach the camp clear the enemies and take the artifact from the house.

Historian – Roots

Prerequisites: Unlocks after setting up the camp at the Quarry.

How to Complete: Go south from the Outpost Gate fast travel point outside the gate. Turn right to find wooden walkways. Cross the walkway to reach the next area. Kill enemies in the area and take the artifact from the ruins, come back to Rift Town.

Historian – Memories

Prerequisites: Available after The Gate during the Retaliation main quest.

How to Complete: Go south from the Camp and locate the fallen tree trunk. Lift the trunk to reach the next area. Kill all enemies and take the artifact from the floor.

Historian – Survival

Prerequisites: Unlocks after clearing the Frontier main quest.

How to Complete: Go east from the Ribcage Ravine to find a ledge. Kill all enemies in the area and enter the Monster Nest. Clear the area and take the artifact from the body.

Bring all the artifacts to Madame Beauvoir. And that’s everything you need to know about Outriders Collector Quests. We will update the guide as we progress further into the game and find more quests like these. In the meantime, see side quests, Trickster Mods, Pyromancer Mods, Weapon Mods, Armor Mods, Best Devastator Builds, Best Pyromancer Builds, Best Technomancer Builds.