Outriders is the latest addition to the looter-shooter genre. The game puts players in the shoes of characters with enhanced abilities. Players can upgrade their characters and for that, they need to earn Class Points. In this Outriders guide, we will help players with how to earn Class Points.


How To Earn Class Point

Class points are used to unlock a number of passive bonuses from the skill tree of each character. To earn Class Points in Outriders, players need to level up by gaining experience points. Every time players levels up, they’ll get a Class Point.

At the time of writing, players can earn a total of 20 Class Points. This means players need to really make their characters efficient in killing enemies and earning experience. Players can earn experience by either killing enemies or completing quests. The world tier doesn’t make any difference to the experience earned. However, if players die while being in the middle of an encounter, they’ll lose the exp. Players have to complete an encounter to collect the experience points.

Players can spend the Class Points in the Class Tree. The Class Tree has three different paths and each path helps players with a specific playstyle. Players can reset their Class Points whenever they want and there is no penalty for it.

That is all for our Outriders Guide on how to earn Class Points. For more on the game, also see Technomancer Best Builds Guide and How to Dismantle Items.

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