Outriders is a looter shooter that allows players to customize their characters to better suit their play style. There are four classes in the game and each class can be customized to a number of builds. In this Outriders guide, we will help players with the Blood Dragon Build for the Devastator class which will bleed enemies to death and heal players in the process.


Outriders Blood Dragon Build For Devastator

This Blood Dragon Build in Outriders focuses on increasing Bleed Damage to kill enemies as quickly as possible. Not only players will inflict increased Bleed Damage but with this particular build, they’ll also heal themselves for the Bleed Damage too.

Furthermore, to reduce the skill cooldowns, this Outriders build uses Endless Tremors class nodes. The following are the skills and the Class Nodes players need for the Blood Dragon Build For Devastator class.

Best Skills

Choosing the right skills can make or break a build. The following are the skills that players need for the Blood Dragon Build.

Gravity Leap
Using this skill will allow players to leap into the air and attack enemies from above dealing damage and interrupting enemies in a small radius.

Gravity Leap is a very useful skill to close distance and deal significant area-of-effect damage. With the right mods, players can kill a sniper with a single-use and heal themselves in the process.

This skill allows players to interrupt, inflict Bleed, and deal damage on the target enemy. If the damage is lethal, the enemy will be impaled and players will receive a powerful bonus to Armor and Health regeneration to all allies for 9 seconds.

Impale is very useful to interrupt Boss attacks along with dealing significant damage. With the Impaler mod, players can use this skill two times before the cooldown starts.

Create a series of explosions around the player, each dealing damage and draining Health from enemies within a medium radius around the player.

Another skill that deals area-of-effect damage and also drains health from the enemies. Also, this skill is useful to clear the area if players are overwhelmed.

Best Class Nodes

Class Nodes or Talents are the main thing that will make the Outriders Blood Dragon build more effective. Follow this link to see the Class Node tree and what Class Nodes players need to unlock with Class Points. The following are the Class Nodes and effects that players will get with the Blood Dragon build.

  • 5x Anomaly Reservoir – Increase your Anomaly Power by 6%
  • 2x Rejuvenation – Increase your Skill Leech by 6%
  • 2x Endless Tremors – Reduce SEISMIC skills cooldown by 15%
  • Perpetual Motion – Reduce KINETIC skills cooldown by 15%
  • 2x Red Rivers – Increases Bleed duration by 30%
  • 2x Bloodbath – Bleed afflicted on enemies deals 30% more damage
  • Blood Donation – You are healed for 35% of your Bleed damage
  • Skilled Sentry – Increase Armor by 20% and Resistance by 20% for 10 seconds when your skills end
  • Stone Circle – Extend the distance considered to be Close Range by an additional 4 meters
  • Executioner – Increase damage by 20% against enemies below 30% of health.
  • Protected by the Anomaly – Increase your Armor Bonus by 40% of your Anomaly Power
  • Earth’s Heritage – Increase SEISMIC skills base damage by 50%


Now that players know which Class Nodes and skills they need for the Blood Dragon build, the following are the stats that players will receive with it.

  • Anomaly Power – 30%
  • Armor – 30%
  • Bleed Damage – 60%
  • Bleed Duration 60%
  • Health – 15%
  • Skill Cooldown (Kinetic) – 15%
  • Skill Cooldown (Seismic) – 30%
  • Skill Damage (Seismic) – 50%
  • Skill Leech – 12%

That is all for our Outriders Best Blood Dragon Build For Devastator Class Guide. For more on the game, also see Best Destroyer Build For Technomancer and Best Healing Build For Technomancer.